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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Opposition Saturn
Pluto Opposition Saturn
You can demonstrate an unwavering commitment to a particular goal, and this can bring significant achievement as the effects of this cycle often are the culmination of past efforts. While elevated status can occur when you know what you want, this period also can expose any flaws. Weaknesses in what before seemed so reliable may appear forcing you to face the possibility that certain areas of your life may lack the security that you had assumed. Attempting to maintain what no longer is dependable can deepen any instability. One purpose of this cycle is for you to make necessary corrections so that you are more aligned with what really matters.

Persisting in an adverse direction, you likely encounter strong opposition to your efforts. Even being on target, you probably must contend with pressures to stay focused. Occasionally you can become so obsessed with the task at hand that you block out everything else. While this can keep you on track, it also can cause inflexibility so that you are less able to adjust. Generally this interval makes things very clear so that you recognize what must be done even when it is difficult to accept.

One feature of this cycle is an urge to contract. While it can mean that you hold tightly onto what you don?t want to give up even if it is no longer of practical use, it also can signify that you eliminate all that is unnecessary so that the core remains. In arriving at this point, you can distinguish between what is important and what is not. Although your options typically are restricted now, you can choose with certainty when you recognize this difference. Because of the reductive nature, this period can imply losses, yet they can provide the basis for long-term gain. Usually whatever is taken away now ultimately provides room for something better to emerge or allows you to appreciate what is truly meaningful.

Often this process requires a major restructuring in certain areas, and it can indicate a time of fewer resources at your disposal. Assets may need to be consolidated, and you may avoid undue risks in order to conserve what you have. Sometimes you may attempt to exert unbending control over situations or people in order to support or to fortify what already has been instituted. While you can make things happen through sheer determination, typically there are unwanted consequences when you force any issue. Battles with those in authority as well as a crisis with your own leadership can occur. Through them, however, you can realize your true needs, which can prove a turning point and can pave the way for knowing and realizing your ambitions.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Opposition Saturn from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Opposition Saturn

This will be an extremely stressful time for you and demands an enormous expenditure of energy. The areas of life that are affected by this cycle are places where you already feel a sense of challenge, as you learn to face your fears and insecurities. Ironically, you actually have the most potential for success in these areas, but may ignore the importance of these issues as a way to escape facing your fears. Now these areas become very important due to external pressures, but how difficult this process is will normally depend on how strong your defenses are. You may experience the threat of loss in a situation that you’re desperately holding on to or depending on for a sense of security. Oftentimes, what you’re holding on to is your resistance to change, which is more necessary now. This is not the best time to strike out in a new direction, as you need to address and question the foundations you already have in place and wanting something new in your life may just be another way to ignore what’s happening in your present circumstances. You may lose a big client that you depended on for your income, or experience a loss of property. Overwhelming pressures may force you out of your job or demand that you relocate away from your support system. In some situations it may be appropriate to fight the pressures you feel, but it’s often best to let go rather than fight, especially if these obstacles are essentially out of your control. As disorienting and confusing as this process may be, you won’t lose what you truly need and the struggle to rebuild your situation is where the benefit of this time is found. You’ll discover that you’re much more secure than you thought and will find more self-sufficiency and inner confidence. You’ll rebuild these areas with a firmer foundation, which will give you more opportunity to advance once this cycle has completed.

This Interpretation of Pluto Opposition Saturn is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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