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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Opposition Jupiter
Pluto Opposition Jupiter
Pressure on you to grow may prove overwhelming in particular areas, and it likely is difficult to resist the forces of expansion no matter how set you are in your ways. Although exceptional progress is possible now, especially pursuing a consuming passion, you can exceed all bounds and encounter overpowering influences that can cause debt or unwanted expenditures. Acquisitiveness is usually a feature of this period, and you can obtain unprecedented abundance. Having greed as the basis of your desires, however, often means that you don?t know when to stop.

While this is a time to push the edges, how you go about it is crucial to the outcome. When you desire more as a means to improve yourself or to assist others, you generally reap the most now and later. Even if you don?t know what you want, this cycle can induce you to find ways to better your life. Often you must lose in order to gain; yet the effects of this interval usually serve your best interests despite initial results. Sometimes the benefits come from a deeper understanding. You typically must deal with extreme elements over the course of this process that can make you realize the power of opposites to produce significant change.

As an example, being in the depths of hopelessness can produce now the impetus to create something positive just as being self-righteous can bring about humility. No matter what the conditions, it is unlikely that you can exist in a narrow range as you typically have a strong desire to extend your reach. A driving need to expand your horizons may meet strong opposition from others or from circumstances that tend to alter your advancement. Whatever track you are on, you often have to consider persuasive input that can substantially affect your direction.

Being overconfident, you may overcommit and can end up losing your position. Occasionally a crisis in trust arises, and someone may challenge your beliefs, or you may question them yourself. Usually this cycle encourages you to prosper where you can find the means within and outside you to move ahead. Being empowered to perceive the best in everything and everyone is available now. From that perspective, you generally can develop plans and ideas into long-term success. Even if you hold the reverse viewpoint that all is negative, situations can compel you to recognize the good that you possess and that surrounds you.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Opposition Jupiter from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Opposition Jupiter

This is a very powerful time in your life when you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to, but you should expect strong opposition to your efforts. Your optimism and confidence are very high and you have enough physical energy and endurance to push your efforts through to completion, but if you proceed purely with your own interests in mind, other people will put up a strong resistance to your projects. You also have a stronger sense of justice and a need to defend the traditional principles that guide your life, but during this time you may feel the need to inflict your personal philosophy on other people or expect them to live up to your standards. You may take on the job of reforming or enlightening those around you, which they’ll strongly resist if you show little concern for their right to believe what they choose. Events during this time may show you that your opinions are right, but may also reveal where there are flaws in your thinking. You may be forced to re-evaluate your basic belief system, whether it involves spiritual and religious principles or your beliefs regarding politics, patriotism or social justice. If you work for the good of the whole you’ll likely succeed in your efforts, but if you’re only concerned with promoting your own beliefs in order to gain power, you’ll encounter difficulties and strong opposition. Know that you have an opportunity to enrich the lives of other people, which will benefit you in the process. This time will test the validity of your partnerships and you’ll be concerned that your belief system is compatible with theirs. You may feel the need to reform your partner’s opinions, but may also have to contend with partners who try to reform you. Be especially careful in negotiations or legal battles; you may feel the need to defend your opinions so strongly that you’re unwilling to compromise, and may become inflexible when your views are challenged. You may also initiate an intense educational project that challenges the ideals you hold dear. Travel is likely, especially foreign travel or visiting places you’ve never been before. Everything you attempt during this time will demand your total concentration and if you keep an open mind, you’ll learn valuable lessons about the correct use of power.

This Interpretation of Pluto Opposition Jupiter is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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