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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Opposition Mercury
Pluto Opposition Mercury
Differences of opinion, which can lead to significant disagreements, may highlight this cycle. You often have strong ideas that you promote forcefully. The more that you push your attitudes, however, the more likely you encounter opposition to them, which can appear quite intense. It is possible that other people are the ones pushing their convictions upon you, causing you to respond strongly to their domineering tactics. Whatever way it manifests, this period typically provides a mental challenge. You can gain profound insights about how your mind works and how others think, which can clarify how to apply your thoughts to get what you want.

If you enjoy solving problems, you may find this to your liking. It is not that this time is fraught with difficulties, but whatever issues do exist are generally compelling and can cause you to deal with them on a nonstop basis. There is a relentless quality that can surface now, and you tend to seek answers with an unwavering tenacity. That kind of approach should bring successful results, although to achieve a solution may require extreme efforts by you. It also necessitates that you make good decisions. You can do this if you don?t become too attached to your perspective, especially when you are shown a better way. Maintaining an attitude just to prove a point can cause you unnecessary stress now. While a willingness to adjust to what is obvious, perhaps what is painfully so, can assure an appropriate selection.

Communication troubles can reach a peak during this period, particularly when both parties are certain that they are right. Sometimes an obsession over details can cause a rift. Although your attention to minutia can serve you well in any contract or negotiation, you may lose sight of the larger context. This period can help you recognize the difference between essential and nonessential information. If you pursue the latter you likely come away dissatisfied, even angry. What is vital pertains to the core not the surface. You have the capacity to inquire deeply, beyond appearances, to get to the root of any matter. To the extent that you do that with an open mind, rather than to prove someone or something wrong, you should do well now.

It is possible that you become disconnected from your network of contacts. You may overload those around you with too much power. Occasionally, you can go off on a tangent, which you are convinced is the truth, and alienate others. You may struggle to keep things in the proper perspective, and remaining a disinterested observer is nearly impossible when you have an opinion. Taking time to recharge mentally is important since compulsive thoughts can take over. The potential is here for a deep awareness of the meaningful connections that are within and outside of you if you just stop long enough to witness them.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Opposition Mercury from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Opposition Mercury

This period of time will bring enormous changes in the personal areas of life, including home, family, parents and your sense of emotional contentment. Powerful forces are at work to help you achieve more inner security and happiness, but the way these changes happen will often seem ruthless. Loss is very possible now, either through your own actions or forces out of your control. You may feel a great need to relocate away from the elements of your past that were once a means of security, such as leaving your birthplace or family. These changes are often necessary to give you a sense of identity that isn’t dependent on your past. In extreme situations, you may lose a parent or be forced to give up your home. It’s also possible that you’ll experience this change in a purely psychological way, which doesn’t disrupt your physical home and family. You may feel compelled to examine your past through psychotherapy or counseling, or undertake this process with your family or significant other. There’s an element of power at work now, which can take many forms. You’re learning about power through the intensity of your own feelings or through the controlling actions of another person. You may become obsessive about maintaining control over your family situation, especially if it seems to reel out of control now, or have to contend with a controlling family member. If the issue of power is brought to an extreme, you may be the perpetrator or victim of domestic violence. When you posses a true sense of personal power you won’t feel the need to constantly prove it, which is part of the lesson you’re learning now. As hard as it is, you need to stay aware of what will benefit the whole situation rather than concentrating on your own often-selfish motives. You’re ending a phase of your life and beginning a new one, and “birth” is another form of this change. You may start a family or buy a home, or look at the changes in your situation as a new beginning rather than a process of dying. If you’re not afraid to look deep within yourself for the true meaning of emotional contentment, the changes that happen now will enrich your emotional life.

This Interpretation of Pluto Opposition Mercury is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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