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theFutureMinders Welcomes You

It's our great privilege to offer you theFutureMinders and the many features it provides. Our goal is to give you not only an entertaining and interesting way to look at your day and your life but also tools that can make your day and your life easier and more fulfilling.

Personalized astrology has been around for years, in fact thousands of years, but you had to seek a professional to get specific information pertaining to you. Using the power of technology, we can deliver you content that is much more personalized than the Sun sign varieties found in the print media and on the Web. Simply by entering your date and place of birth, and your time of birth (optional), you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge that is only for you and your benefit.

While not telling you how to live, astrology and theFutureMinders give guidance on how to deal with the many changes that invariably dot your life. We have tried to create an experience at our Website that is like visiting a wise friend who encourages you when you need it, kindly prods you when you are stuck, and praises you for being who you are. You can use the material at theFutureMinders on many levels and in many ways.

While there are so many features to our Site that are about you, many of which change each day, you may simply choose to receive our Daily Forecast by email. We believe if you pay attention to your forecast consistently, you will find real value in its timeliness. Initially, it can be a fun perspective on the day. As you begin to see the connections between what is written and the events of your life, you may decide to become more involved.

This can mean coming to our Site and scanning forward to future forecasts so that you can see what's coming up, or perhaps you want to look back at an important date in the past to see what the influences were around that period. Visiting our timing section will give you the best dates to begin an activity, which you select from a menu of questions. It will only take you a few times to see the value here.

Our section on couples gives you daily readings for your relationship. This forecast is for you and your partner, another first, and available only at theFutureMinders. What we call our spy section is where you put in the birth dates of other people in order to see their astrological profile as well as what is happening in their lives at any point in time.

For those of you who are sensitive to the subtle rhythms and want to make the right plans within each day, we offer a section devoted to the Moon. To gain a deeper insight into the workings of the larger cycles of your life, we have a section on major events that explores in greater depth certain daily forecasts whose effects last longer than just a day.

No matter how you choose to engage theFutureMinders, you will find that astrology provides a context to understand yourself and others better and a means to plan effectively. Although planning does not ensure success, it does make success much more likely. theFutureMinders offers you an array of very valuable tools that can make your life more rewarding, more fulfilling, and easier.

We have made every effort to present you these tools so that knowledge of astrology is not required to use them, only a willingness to try so that you can prove the benefits to yourself. Because we have witnessed astrology's benefits ourselves, it is our intent in developing this Site that all people who want it will have free access to these extraordinary resources. We sincerely hope that you find whatever you seek and that astrology and theFutureMinders may assist you in whatever phase of your life's journey.

N. C. Syminghton

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