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How popular is horoscope based content?

One-third of Americans believe in astrology (USA Today 6/20/00), with the fastest growing segment among executives and professionals
(USA Today, 1996).

According to The Harris Poll, nearly 41% of adult Americans believe in astrology
(The Harris Poll, #52 9/13/00).


Join our affiliate program and get 25% on all sales and 25% for each new subscriber to theFutureMinders Premium. Lifetime commissions on all purchases including subscription renewals.

According to the AFA*, over 70 million people read their horoscope everyday. theFutureMinders offers you refreshing astrology and horoscope based content for your Site while giving you the best affiliate program in the industry.



High Commissions: top

You get 25% on all purchases including all reports and realCafé consulting services. You'll also receive 25% on all new subscriptions to theFutureMinders Premium and renewals

Product Price Your commission
Per Sale Per 10 Sales
Reports (avg.) $ 12.00 $ 3.00 $ 30.00
Silver Subscription
Gold Subscription
Platinum Subscription
$ 19.95
$ 29.95
$ 49.95
$ 04.99
$ 07.48
$ 12.49
$ 49.00
$ 75.00
Consultation (Question) $ 24.95
$ 06.24
$ 31.24
$ 62.40


$ 65.44 $ 653.80
Life-time Customers: top

When you refer a member to our site, that member is identified as your customer for life. Even if he/she does not sign up immediately for our services, but does so on a later visit, you will get the commission for that order.

As long as you carry a link(s) to our Site, we offer continued payments on all member purchases. Payments include subscription renewals to theFutureMinders Premium.

Real Time Statistics: top

We provide you with real-time online statistics to tell you exactly how you have been performing. With this feature, you can track your earnings in real time. We also send a confirmation email to you the moment you generate an order.

Refreshing dynamic content for your site: top

Increase traffic, stickiness and loyalty by offering by offering 3 different types of daily horoscopes; Personal, love and money. Our own Daily astroMap. The daily and weekly forecast that you don't have to read. Personalized timing services; let your visitors find the best times for their favorite activities - from playing the lottery to going on a date.

High quality products and services: top

We are committed to developing unique and practical products and services that users are actively seeking. All of our products and services; astrology reports, consulting services and premium subscriptions are held to a high standard that is reflected in our strong loyalty among members.

Completely Hassle Free: top

We take care of everything - processing the credit card payments, mailing orders, providing customer service etc. All you need to do is to refer clients to us - we'll take care of the rest.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies: top

When you sign up for our affiliate program, you automatically receive our exclusive strategies that the master affiliates use to earn thousands of dollars in commissions from affiliate programs. If you implement those strategies, you are all but guaranteed to earn large commission checks from us every month.

Personal Attention: top

Do you have any questions about any aspect of the affiliate program? Send an email to Your email will be answered by us within 24 hours. We want you to succeed, and will do anything it takes to help you do so.

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*American Federation of Astrologers

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