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Astrology As We See It

No matter what discipline you may study, no matter what you hold to be true, there are fundamental assumptions that underlie any perspective that you have. A basic premise of astrology is that life has meaning, and that the planets, and their interrelationships, comprise a universal language which convey the meaning of any moment in time. A second supposition assumes that the beginning of any event, whether it be the birth of an individual, the inception of a business, or the start of a romance contains within it a map or an image for how that entity may unfold; the planets as well as other celestial factors are the symbolic representations or points of reference for that map or image.

If one accepts such assumptions, then astrology provides a useful context to understand the many aspects of our lives and the lives of others. We begin to recognize many people share issues that may have seemed ours alone where the difference is in style not substance.

The moment of birth corresponds to a static picture or snapshot of the planets and the heavens, which represent the symbolic structure of the moment with its inherent strengths and weaknesses. The movement of the planets from the time of birth, however, creates a dynamic interplay with this static picture, thus allowing for predictions of significant times in the life of whatever or whoever has a birthtime.

Another way to look at it is to imagine that the inception time contains a blueprint for how that existence will unfold, symbolized by the relative positions of celestial bodies. If the plans are for a house, and the property is zoned for residential use only, then the builders will not raise an office building; also the size, shape, and topography of the lot or parcel of land will help to define what can and cannot be built.

Likewise, the combinations of planetary configurations define a set of predispositions that are unique to each individual and describe the parameters of the life. While blueprints are a set of guidelines for how to build a house, within those guidelines there is much latitude to make changes. Similarly, planetary positions denote a certain structure but within that structure many choices are made that can affect the outcome of a life.

Finally, there are certain important events in the manifestation of the house plans; the pouring of the foundation, the framing of the walls, and the hanging of the sheetrock to name a few. An experienced builder can predict with some accuracy when these events will occur. Correspondingly, an individual, for example, will have defining moments that an experienced astrologer can predict with reasonable accuracy, by comparing the static planetary positions (her birth chart) with the dynamic ones (the positions of the planets as they unfold over time).

From one vantage point, astrology is an advanced timing device. In our culture we mark time based on the movement of the Earth around the Sun which defines our year and the Earth around its axis which defines the day. Astrology employs the Sun, the Moon and eight planets as a set of unique clocks with varying rates of speed. Due to this variability in the motion of each clock or planet, overlapping timings occur which can create many layers of possibilities, making accurate forecasts a real art.

Generally, the slower moving planets have a stronger effect for setting off events, and each planet means something different from the others. When a moving, or transiting, planet activates the static planetary positions of the beginning point of a romance, for example, it will signify not only the probable time of the event but also the characteristics of the event. These characteristics are determined from the two (or more) planets involved, one as a point in the static picture and the other as its activator by transit.

A very useful service astrologers, and our Site, can offer is to predict with a high degree of accuracy the beginning and ending points of major phases or periods in your life. This can provide reassuring knowledge that challenging or severe situations have a time limit. Typically a person will deal with the present and pressing issues more effectively knowing there is an end in sight as well as being given ways to handle a difficult phase of life.

To summarize, astrology's basic presuppositions are that life has meaning and that the start of existence for anything contains a blueprint for how that existence will unfold. If one accepts these principles, then astrology offers a framework, based on a universal language, to understand who we are. Not only is this framework provided for understanding the predispositions of every entity, but it also serves as a backdrop for the movement of the planets in time to activate it. This creates the opportunity to predict when important events likely will occur and the general nature of those circumstances.

While astrology's symbols define the overall structure of an entity, within those parameters there exist many possible choices to shape its development. From this perspective astrology maintains that we can exercise freedom within boundaries; therefore, a life is neither predetermined nor is it limitless.

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