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Astrology and the Flow of Life Part I

By : N. C. Syminghton 12/13/2001

One of the advantages that astrology offers to even the beginner or casual user is the means to objectively show the cycles that affect each of us. Often people seek out the counsel of a professional astrologer in order to find out why they are undergoing certain experiences at the moment - and the astrological reasons are usually clearly apparent. From these, an astrologer can explain to a client what the influences are, when they began, when they should peak, and when they should end. At which time, another set begins or is already in force.

This is the flow of life that most of us can identify with as we oscillate between lows and highs in our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly existence. Most of us would agree that our happiness, health, emotions, and relationships - to name but a few concerns - are changeable. Our lives, or parts of them, rarely remain the same for very long - change is a constant of the human condition.

In a previous article, George W. Bush-Part I, I spoke about the present - and near-unanimous - popularity of George W. Bush along with the current success of the United States in its war in Afghanistan and the astrological indicators for those. At the same time, I discussed the impending changes that likely would affect the popularity and success now enjoyed. For Bush and the USA, transiting Jupiter, which often brings out the best in a situation, is prominent now and will be displaced in the near term by Saturn, which tends to reduce any gains.

Knowing this information - or the projected flow - would make President Bush a more effective leader. Paying attention in a similar manner to the present and future transits in your own horoscope can make you a more effective person. By matching astrological influences with your experiences, you can learn how to anticipate future influences and their possible effects. Being prepared helps you to get more out of both the peaks and the valleys of life, shown by the unending transits of planets - among other factors - to your birth chart.

The statement "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" certainly applies to astrology. And here's how. Read a couple of books on transits, and you likely will be of the opinion that planets like Saturn and Pluto bring only negative experiences, and Uranus and Neptune - you believe - often do as well. Read some more and you realize - or perhaps a friend who has some cool astro software tells you - that in a few months transiting Saturn will conjunct your Venus. You become certain that this will spell trouble for your happy marriage, and/or you will be miserable during this time, since you learned that Venus represents relationships and happiness.

Is this analysis wrong? Well, Saturn and Pluto do demand a lot, Uranus can suddenly upset expectations, and Neptune can make it all seem unreal and confusing. The transit of Saturn to Venus could happen that way; however, it is only one of many possible outcomes. Is it possible to know what the exact outcome will be? No, but you can help to create your own reality within certain limits by having a good grasp of the meanings of the planets. In doing this, you not only anticipate the flow, you participate in directing it as well.

Let me explain. Each planet has a number of meanings attached to it based on a fundamental set of principles. While some meanings overlap, the essence of the individual planets is unique. Because of the range of expression for each one, they can manifest, as a transit for example, in a number of different ways - yet still be consistent with the essence of what they represent. On the one hand, this makes it difficult to predict their precise manifestation as a transit. On the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to consciously choose how you want to experience the transiting planet - as long as that choice is consistent with the basic symbolism of the planet involved.

Let's take a look at the planet that probably has the worst reputation of all - Saturn. Rather than go through a list of its meanings, I will give you two: single-mindedness and limitation. With some reflection, you should be able to see how these two meanings are connected (to a fundamental principle) and also how they could manifest quite differently. Let's say that you do have transiting Saturn conjuncting your Venus soon. What I am suggesting is that you can decide the effect of Saturn transiting Venus in your horoscope by choosing single-mindedness over limitation (or over any other meaning that relates to Saturn).

This is neither about mind control nor about willing an outcome to occur. While I am not denying the efficacy of such methods, this application is quite practical. By choosing single-mindedness beforehand, you can prepare along specific lines. Knowing that Venus is about relationships and you are happily married, you could use this time to focus on your partner in a single-minded way. This could mean anything from being more attentive to his or her needs, to working on a particular issue that may hold you and your partner back from an even more fulfilling relationship. Applying single-mindedness to happiness (Venus), you could use this transit to concentrate on the one thing that you enjoy to the exclusion of all else.

Now will making this choice of single-mindedness exclude the other "negative" attributes of Saturn from appearing? Not necessarily, but you will be in a stronger position to deal with them should they arise because you are choosing to stay focused (or single-minded) - a "positive" attribute of Saturn. In this way, you help to create your reality during a Saturn transit.

You can do this with each planet as it transits your horoscope, and the importance of knowing the variety of meanings ascribed to a planet allows you to select one that you believe will benefit you the most. Of course, sometimes what you think you want and what you actually receive can be quite different, especially when you approach astrology (and life) with preconceived ideas that seem to be hardwired into you. The following article will address this topic and also give you some tips on using to help you to participate and direct the endless flow of your life.

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