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George W. Bush - Certain Uncertainty

By : N. C. Syminghton 9/22/2002

President Bush and the United States stare into a troubling future, rising from the ashes of September 11th. While no one can precisely predict what lies ahead, astrology can accurately forecast the shape of things to come - the outline without the exact details. Today, the future for George W. Bush is a dream. Certain in his quest for it, he seems to look past the peril before him. Does his dream portend world peace, or will it turn into a nation's nightmare?

According to President Bush's horoscope, once he makes up his mind, he sticks to his decision, no matter how much pressure he encounters to the contrary. He prefers to classify the world in black and white terms with lines distinctly drawn. On issues like the war on terrorism, no middle ground exists. He disdains compromise after forming an opinion.

The zodiac symbols for these traits are Mercury, Pluto, and his Ascendant in conjunction. Mercury shows the way he communicates as well as his mental predisposition. Pluto is about power and a unilateral, uncompromising approach. Being on his Ascendant means that this combination defines him (and his country) - particularly in the eyes of the outside world.

Heads of State determine destinies of countries. The horoscope of the President of the United States, therefore, reveals the influences affecting him personally and his nation as well. From early 2001 to late 2003, a transit of Neptune activates President Bush's configuration of Mercury, Pluto, and Ascendant. Transits are the changing positions of planets relative to a fixed, or natal, horoscope. They bring challenges and opportunities through the dynamic relationships they form with the permanent positions of the planets at birth.

For people who depend on concrete facts and a need for certainty, Neptune confounds them. It involves much that is subtle and difficult to logically comprehend. It often works in unseen ways so that its effects are unapparent - initially. As noted in a previous article, Enron Collapses, Neptune played a pivotal role.

When dealing with the complications this transit brings, people may resort to deception - sometimes it is easier than the truth. Yet truthfulness is critical to avoid losses that start to surface from ignoring realities. By then, it is usually too late to overcome the tide, leaving no choice but acceptance or resignation.

The Mercury Pluto conjunction in President Bush's natal horoscope shows he can deliver a forceful message. If he believes a goal is right, he will justify whatever it takes to achieve it. The dilemma he faces, during the 3 years of his Neptune transit, revolves around a series of exceptionally complex issues that cannot be solved with black and white, ready-made answers.

While maintaining a strong and clear position is one of George W. Bush's assets, it can become a liability for him - and his country - if his viewpoint fails to consider the broader implications (Neptune) of what confronts him. Trying to intimidate others now (Mercury, Pluto, Ascendant) will likely involve him in situations that end up quite differently than expected. When obsessed about an objective, he will disregard the subtle and obvious traps before him. And with Neptune around, pitfalls are inevitable.

To accomplish what President Bush believes are correct goals, the temptation for him (like others experiencing a challenging Neptune transit) is to rely on duplicity and secrecy to attain them, particularly since he finds it distasteful to change his opinion once established.

Neptune, by transit, is in his 7th house, regarding open enemies, allies, and partnerships. On the one hand, he may distrust agreements - assured that he knows best. At the same time, he is susceptible to ambiguous and false advice. No matter how much the President wants it his way, intricate dealings and conflicts with others demand his attention.

The dangers of this Neptune transit for President Bush and the U.S. are real, but not always obvious - at least not to a majority of people under its sway. The reason, again, lies in the nature of this illusive planet. It can represent mass delusion, separating people from reality. As stated, since Bush is the president, his chart reflects his country. The effect of Neptune can blind a nation to how things actually are, creating a bubble - a world unto its own.

Interestingly, transiting Neptune also aspects Vice President Cheney's horoscope. It conjoins his Sun. The Sun symbolizes his identity, his status, and his leadership. The secrecy surrounding his whereabouts and the work he does behind the scenes are manifestations of this transit, as are the questions of impropriety when CEO of Halliburton.

The dates of its influence parallel those of the President - so they likely share a common vision. Together they could inspire people to follow the ideals they promote - a Neptunian characteristic. As leaders, it is important their ideals support the best interests of the country they serve. If selfishly motivated for personal gain, they are more likely to mislead and be misled. Sacrificing self-interest for the greater good is essential for success when dealing with Neptune.

Associated with what is slippery and hard to grasp in concept as well as in fact, Neptune represents liquids and gases, especially the ocean and oil - crude and refined. For much of their lives, business for the President and Vice-President has centered upon oil. Because of this transit - which occurs once in their lifetimes - the past (and present) connections with oil and the issues regarding them dominate.

With Neptune moving through George W. Bush's 7th house of allies and enemies, oil can be the basis for partnerships as well as the cause for conflicts. Oil means power. Whoever controls it can rule others. If oil is the driving force behind President Bush's insistence on a regime change in Iraq, the outcome of his Neptune transit bodes ill for him and the world. Why? He uses the pretense of making the world safer to promote another agenda - the desire for oil.

The fundamental challenge of Neptune: Minimize or avoid the deception of others and of oneself. To the extent that President Bush is honest with himself - and the rest of the world - he can lead effectively because of his unyielding convictions. If, however, he intends other than what he outwardly portrays, the results can be ruinous to him - and to the United States. While alluring, the use of artifice (under the spell of Neptune) to achieve an end creates ominous consequences - unheeded and often unrecognized.

Neptune slowly dissolves the strength of misguided ideas, viewpoints, and institutions. It symbolizes scandals and the collapse of whatever is built upon false assumptions. Enron is a classic example. Forces are at work, attempting to undermine President Bush's positions and to create uncertainty in his mind. He prefers an uncompromising approach, but unless he openly considers the myriad possibilities before him, he - and the United States - likely will suffer from his tunnel vision. Truth is his ally - deception his enemy. How he chooses affects him, a nation, and the world.

The following dates are activation times for the transit of Neptune to the President's conjunction of Mercury, Pluto, and Ascendant in his horoscope. During these periods of a few days to over a week, you can anticipate some news, a piece of legislation, a speech, or an event that shows the meaning of this configuration. Observing these can give a clue as to the truth of this transit for the presidency and for the nation.

  • 10/30 - 11/07 2002
  • 12/12 - 12/18
  • 01/27 - 01/30 2003
  • 02/17 - 02/23
  • 04/09 - 04/12
  • 04/27 - 05/09 * Watch closely this time period

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