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November 2, 2004

By :  N.C. Syminghton  October 4, 2004

After spending a number of hours going over various charts from many perspectives, I decided to publish a prediction for the upcoming 2004 election: John Kerry will be declared the winner. This prediction comes with two conditions. First, the election must occur on November 2nd as scheduled. Second, a definitive presidential winner must emerge no later than November 4th.

I studied the horoscopes of George W. Bush, John Kerry, Laura Bush, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Dick Cheney, and John Edwards. I looked at them from a Western and Vedic point of view, using the techniques that I know. While most factors seem to balance each side out, one overwhelmingly favors the Kerry side - happiness on Election Day. Happiness is often fleeting; thus, the two conditions. Kerry, his wife, and Edwards all appear to have significant good fortune on and around this important date. Bush and Cheney do not. Laura Bush has some, but I would argue she might be happy if her husband loses.

Let's take a closer look at some of the astrology of this time period for the people involved. What deservedly has received the most attention from astrologers is the Saturn return that George W. Bush experiences around the election. Occurring near the ages of 29, 58, and 87 for everyone, the Saturn return often marks a time of growing up, accepting responsibility, and coming to terms with reality.

No matter the astrological system, Saturn denotes difficulties and hardships. On the surface, this would bode ill for Bush's chances, especially from a Western viewpoint with Saturn occupying and transiting through his 12th house - a house that can signify unraveling. From a Vedic standpoint, however, Bush's Saturn is very strong. It is in his first house, one of his strongest houses, and in Cancer, well placed both for its transiting and natal position for Bush. He is also in a Saturn dasha - a 19-year period that would highlight the attributes of Saturn and its strength for Bush. Yet, his Saturn dasha is nearing completion, and as it ends, the negative effects of Saturn typically come to the forefront. So will the inherent might of Bush's Saturn overcome any transitory vulnerability? That likely depends on how well he now faces the responsibilities of past actions and the realities before him.

Also, on the day of the election, transiting Mars will oppose his Midheaven and make a 45-degree aspect to his natal Mars; 3 days later it squares his natal Saturn. This Mars transit activates his Saturn return and suggests his combativeness likely encounters resistance from those in authority, who may act behind the scenes; he will show impatience and fiercely fight any perceived obstacle to his goals. Can he win this fight? Yes, but he probably will pay a price.

A strong Pluto often shows up in the winner's chart on, or near, an election day. For Bush, transiting Jupiter sextiles his natal Pluto and transiting Sun squares his natal Pluto, activating the Jupiter transit. John Kerry has the same configuration because his natal Pluto is 2 degrees away from Bush's. This effect, therefore, is neutralized, although should the election results remain unknown for more than a couple of days, Bush will benefit since his Jupiter transit to Pluto occurs after the election, on 11/15.

Bush does have one other transit to his natal Pluto during this time period - a 157.5-degree aspect (16th harmonic) from Uranus, which the transiting Sun triggers on November 2nd. Uranus to Pluto can bring an unforeseen surprise with lasting effects. While it can mean an unexpected demonstration of power, it can also mean erratic power - even loss of it. Transiting Uranus in Bush's 8th house emphasizes how unpredictable forces can have life-altering effects for him (natal Pluto in his 1st house).

A distinguishing astrological feature to this election is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter near November 2nd - exactly joining on the 4th. While this happens usually once a year at various times, the coming together of these two benefic planets signifies the possibility of great happiness. To receive the full effect of this conjunction - momentary as it is - one's natal chart must be activated in an important way.

On November 2nd, John Kerry has transiting Venus conjunct his Midheaven and on the 3rd, it trines his natal Uranus. The Midheaven has to do with goals in life and is at the pinnacle of the horoscope. The trine to Uranus indicates a surprisingly happy turn of events for him. Teresa Heinz Kerry has transiting Jupiter and Venus conjunct her natal Mercury on November 2nd and 4th respectively, which can mean happy news on those days. Also, in looking at her relocated chart for Boston, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter sits on her Midheaven from 10/31 to 11/4 - the same position as her husband's natal chart. For John Edwards, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter trines his natal Jupiter and Moon from 10/30 to 11/3. Unless he is to gain significantly in some other way at the time, this is an unlikely aspect for a loser of an election.

On the other hand, Bush primarily experiences the Venus Jupiter conjunction triggering his natal Neptune (as does Kerry) with transiting Venus exactly conjunct his Neptune on November 2nd(11/1 for Kerry). While this can bring unbounded joy, it often revolves around fantasy, illusion, and even deception. Since both candidates experience this, it may indicate mass confusion on and around Election Day. For Laura Bush, the benefic conjunction is relatively inactive as it also is for Dick Cheney.

Clearly, the fortunate conjunction of Venus and Jupiter favors the Kerry side on the day of the election and for a couple of days afterwards. Whatever good fortune this provides, however, will prove ephemeral, ultimately overridden by larger forces and cycles. Nevertheless, what gives this pairing unusual significance is its occurrence so close to the day of the election. Its effects, therefore, extend four years, until the next election.

Since the felicitous pairing of Venus and Jupiter is a global phenomenon - experienced worldwide - and, according to press reports, a substantial majority of the world's population prefers Kerry to Bush, this also portends a Kerry win by November 4th.

To repeat - if the election takes place, as scheduled, on November 2nd with a definitive presidential result by November 4th, John Kerry will be declared the winner.

- end -

Postscript 11/03/04 - Ok, let's get right to the point: I was dead wrong in my prediction. In analyzing the horoscopes of Bush and Kerry, I underestimated the strength of transiting Saturn in Bush's chart and overestimated the strength of transiting Jupiter and Venus in Kerry's. While certainly other factors conspired to reelect George W. Bush, it is quite evident that a strong Saturn trumps a strong Jupiter, especially when it involves public office, achieving goals, etc. - Saturn's domain.

Bush's natal Saturn, as noted above, is exceptionally powerful from a Vedic point of view, reinforced by Saturn's transit return to its natal position, a Saturn station near the election, and by the Saturn dasha that Bush is currently in. This magnifies the effects of Saturn and allowed Bush to remain atop the mountain. Despite the victory that Saturn helped him secure, facing reality is inescapable whenever Saturn is at the forefront. His Saturn return has just begun, and afterwards it will transit over his Ascendant and the Mercury Pluto conjunctio! n in his first house, lasting through July 2006. The immediate future for George W. Bush and the United States looks difficult and demanding. As the saying goes: "The chickens will come home to roost."

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