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An Astrological Look at the Terrorist Attacks on the WTC

Starting from a wide viewpoint and moving to a more narrow one, I will discuss the major cycles that influence this year.


Aftermath of september 11: What's Next?

One of the basic principles of Astrology is that the start of any event whether it is the birth of a child or any defining moment (like the attacks on the WTC) is a blueprint for how that event will evolve and play out over time.


Saturn Opposing Pluto Leaves its Mark

In an article (9/15/01) on the astrology underlying the terrorist attacks, I discussed somewhat briefly the effect of Saturn in opposition to Pluto. Because this combination has shown itself so unmistakably, I would like to take a closer look at the relationship between these planets.


Image is Everything, or is it?

Because many people share the same birthday and birth date, they share the same astrological features- to a large extent. It is the features that they don't share which make people appear so different even when they are born on the same date and in the same year. One of the astrological elements that serves to differentiate us is the Ascendant or Rising Sign.


A Degree of Connection

While the basis of this article is somewhat arcane and technical, it deserves attention and demonstrates a basic principle of astrology: A series of related events show their connection by emphasizing certain zodiacal degrees.


George W. Bush

Rather than analyze President's Bush chart in full, I plan to look at the reasons behind his recent and record popularity with the American people at the close of 2001. Also, I will discuss some of the ways the birthchart of George W. Bush connects with the chart of the United States.


Astrology and the Flow of Life Part I

One of the advantages that astrology offers to even the beginner or casual user is the means to objectively show the cycles that affect each of us. Often people seek out the counsel of a professional astrologer in order to find out why they are undergoing certain experiences at the moment, and the astrological reasons are usually clearly apparent. From these, an astrologer can explain to a client what the influences are, when they began, when they should peak, and when they should end. At which time, another set begins or is already in force.


Astrology and the Flow of Life Part 2

Previously, I raised the possibility that you can consciously influence the quality of your experiences by understanding the meanings of the planets, being aware of upcoming cycles or transits, and then choosing a feature or side of each planet that you wish to experience. Practice of this technique-and it does require practice-will yield greater self-awareness and command of your life, to name a couple of the benefits.


Enron's Collapse

Enron, #7 on the Fortune 500 in 2001, collapsed in spectacular fashion over the past several months to the point that it is has been delisted, or deleted, on the New York Stock Exchange. The suddenness and the magnitude of its decline, as well as the deception leading up to it, point to the influences of the three "outer" planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Chain of Destiny and the Middle East

The purpose of this article is to show the links in the horoscopes of the countries that comprise what we call the Middle East. They reveal a common thread that runs through all the horoscopes of the countries discussed, including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, and Iraq. Because of the United States involvement, it too is part of the "chain of destiny" for this region of the world.


George W. Bush - Certain Uncertainty

President Bush and the United States stare into a troubling future, rising from the ashes of September 11th. While no one can precisely predict what lies ahead, astrology can accurately forecast the shape of things to come - the outline without the exact details. Today, the future for George W. Bush is a dream. Certain in his quest for it, he seems to look past the peril before him. Does his dream portend world peace, or will it turn into a nation's nightmare?


Space Shuttle Columbia from Start to Finish

Streaking across the sky above North Central Texas shortly after sunrise, the Space Shuttle Columbia is minutes from touching down onto the Earth's surface when disaster intervenes. Over the years, the space program in the United States has continued almost unnoticed by the general public and the media. But on February 2, 2003 around 8:00 am CST, another tragedy reminds us of the grave risk inherent to human space flights. It was 17 years ago, January 28, 1986 at 11:38 am EST, when the Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff, killing all seven crewmembers on board.


History Repeats for George W. Bush

On July 28, 1986, George W. Bush made a choice that changed the course of his life - he resolved to stop drinking alcohol from that day forward. In taking the initiative, he surprised a few people with his achievement. At crucial times, he has surpassed people's expectations with startling actions.


November 2, 2004

After spending a number of hours going over various charts from many perspectives, I decided to publish a prediction for the upcoming 2004 election: John Kerry will be declared the winner. This prediction comes with two conditions. First, the election must occur on November 2nd as scheduled. Second, a definitive presidential winner must emerge no later than November 4th.

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