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Aftermath of september 11: What's Next?

By : N. C. Syminghton 10/15/2001

One of the basic principles of Astrology is that the start of any event whether it is the birth of a child or any defining moment (like the attacks on the WTC) is a blueprint for how that event will evolve and play out over time. (See About Us for more information on our perspective on astrology). The Attack chart (See previous article) of 9/11/01, therefore, becomes an important reference point for predicting subsequent actions that are a direct-and indirect-result of that unforgettable moment that changed lives forever.

Obviously such a moment in time has reverberations that will last for years and affect many areas of life and of the world because of the magnitude of its impact. So what are some of the ways to forecast using this chart of 9/11/01? Just like in your own birth chart, we would start by looking at transits (the daily positions of the planets relative to a fixed chart or horoscope). Transits serve to activate the potential that exists in the patterns and configurations of a birth chart-or in this case, the Attack chart (or AC). Such triggering can manifest events as well as less evident features such as thoughts and feelings that are difficult to quantify yet are tied to the initial event.

For example, in the dates discussed below, pay attention not only to obvious occurrences or repercussions related to the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, but also to subtle or blatant shifts in policy or tactics as reported by the media or directly by the parties concerned. Shifts that occur on these dates will usually have important ramifications.

Before we look forward (from the date of this writing 10/15/01), let's take a look back to the start of the bombing in Afghanistan. The date was 10/7/01, and I show the time to be 12:30 pm EDT for Washington DC. Notable to this horoscope is the Saturn Pluto opposition (discussed at length in a previous article), being activated by the Moon and the Ascendant-arguably at one of the two most prominent positions for the month for this opposition within a very narrow window of time. How did this date connect to the Attack chart? The position of the Sun is exactly conjunct the planet Mercury - so prominent in the Attack chart. Mercury is the planet of communication and represents the message given and received. On this date the United States responded to the initial message on 9/11/01 with its own.

Four times during each year, the transiting Sun will activate this Mercury in the Attack chart. While the events will not be the same, they likely will be in a direct response to the statement that the terrorist attacks made. The next three dates for this transit of the Sun triggering Mercury in the AC are January 4-5, 2002, April 3-4, 2002, and July 5-6, 2002. Observe what is said (or done) around those times since it likely inflames or enhances or strengthens the dialogue and discussion around the WTC and the Pentagon.

Now let's take a look at what lies ahead. More will be written informing you of other important time periods in the future, but for brevity and immediacy, I want to alert you to the time period of October 21-27, 2001. Just as the transiting Sun set off Mercury in the AC on October 7, 2001, here we have transiting Mercury in conjunction with the fixed, or natal, position of Mercury in the AC on October 24th. More importantly, it is stationary at this time and on this position. It is barely moving, from the Earth's perspective, making it stronger in its effects - astrologically. This will likely be a time that reiterates what already has been stated, especially if the original message went unheeded. Words, policies, and to a lesser extent, actions should be watched closely-their impact will likely be significant.

More ominously, and more likely to manifest as an event or events, is the triggering by transiting Mars of the Saturn Uranus Pluto configuration that dominates the AC and the world this fall. Here the period from October 23-27 is a high alert time. Mars is the planet of action, aggression, war, and courage, usually forcing something out into the open or rising to whatever is a challenge. Unlikely a time for compromise, this can take existing positions to an extreme and the level of danger increases. Courageous actions can lead to heroic outcomes, while unthinking responses can antagonize formidable enemies.

Indeed, this portends a threatening time that, of course, is related to the events of September 11th, yet it demands that each of us, in our own way, take bold steps to overcome fears rather than to give into them. Each of us is more likely to fight at this time than to yield. Find something to fight for rather than merely fight against, thereby utilizing the considerable power of this period in positive ways that can make a noticeable difference in your life and in others.

Postscript 5/29/2002: On October 24, 2001 (see above), the U.S. House of Representatives approved the "USA Patriot Act." On October 25th, the Senate did the same and on October 26th, President Bush signed it into law. This bill was in direct response (Mercury) to the actions of 9/11 and "significantly boosted the government's law enforcement (Saturn) powers (Pluto) while continuing a trend to cut back on the checks and balances that Americans have traditionally relied on to protect individual liberty (Uranus)."

This act, rooted in security fears (Saturn/Pluto) and a need to lawfully exercise and exert extreme measures (also Saturn and Pluto), likely will have a long-term effect on America. This is a telling message (Mercury stationary) to send at this time. Here we have the USA Patriot Act tied directly to the attack on the WTC by Mercury occupying the same degree in both horoscopes. Monitor this degree - between 14 and 15 degrees of cardinal signs - over the coming months and years.

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