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A Degree of Connection

By : N. C. Syminghton 11/20/2001

While the basis of this article is somewhat arcane and technical, it deserves attention and demonstrates a basic principle of astrology: A series of related events show their connection by emphasizing certain zodiacal degrees.

In a previous article, An Astrological Look at the Terrorist Attacks on the WTC, I discussed the chart of the World Trade Center. Focusing primarily on the pattern described by Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, I also touched upon the importance of Mercury being on the Ascendant as a message and messenger for us all to heed. The initial attack on the WTC had Mercury at 14 degrees and 17 minutes of Libra (14.17 Libra). The Ascendant, or rising sign, of this first attack was at 14.08 Libra. When the United States began the bombing of Afghanistan (see chart), the Sun was at 14.28 Libra. When the American Airlines' airbus crashed (see chart), the Moon was at 14.43 Libra and the Midheaven was at 13.04 Libra.

The "coincidence" of these events to 14 Libra is striking when you consider that there are 360 degrees in the zodiac, the Sun moves nearly one degree a day, the Moon averages around 13 degrees a day, and the Ascendant (and Midheaven) move one degree every 4 minutes or so. This discussion, however, is not about the odds of this occurring but the emphasis of this degree, 14 Libra, as a connective link among these events. Essentially this means that 14 Libra, give or take a degree on either side, is a "sensitive degree"-a degree likely to appear in future events that are related to the three above.

Why is 14 Libra so important to these (and future) events? Since the WTC attack was such a defining moment, its chart will be significant for years to come. Transits that activate this chart in various ways, and over the course of time, will have effects that relate to this historical turning point. From this standpoint, transits to Mercury (at 14 Libra in the WTC chart) relate to - among other things - the message given and/or received by the terrorist attacks.

Clearly, the bombing of Afghanistan was a message that the United States wanted to send to the Taliban and to Osama bin Laden in response to the message received from the attacks on 9/11. At first glance, the airbus tragedy does not seem to tie into the WTC disaster - if indeed it was a mechanical failure of some kind. However, the degree of 14 Libra corresponds to more than just the above events - significant as they are.

In the horoscope of the United States, the planet Saturn locates at 14.48 Libra, and it is through this position of Saturn that all the above events connect. Saturn represents, among other things, specific trials and burdens that test - in this case - a nation. From this perspective, the airbus crash makes sense as a part of a series of events that have brought out greater seriousness and pain of loss (both being attributes of Saturn) in the American people.

Citizens of the USA would certainly agree that, at this time, their nation is under considerable strain - psychologically, socially, politically, and financially. Using Dane Rudhyar's birthtime for the USA horoscope places Saturn in the 10th house which corresponds to America's role in the world. These three events over the past two months have tested that role, each in their own way. The attack on the WTC, the bombing of Afghanistan, and the airbus crash serve to redefine the U.S.'s position and stature among other nations.

The effect from 14 Libra has left a lasting imprint on the American landscape and psyche. Since this degree is where America's natal Saturn resides, it always will be a degree that demands much from the nation, its people, and its leaders. However, since the attack upon the WTC also has this degree prominent, it suggests that the effects associated with this degree are only just beginning to be comprehended and that the U.S. is in the initial stages of assessing - and reassessing - its responsibilities and resolve (Saturn) due to the message delivered on 9/11.

Pay attention to 14 Libra over the months and years to come since it has everything to do with America's position and importance in the world. October 2003 and June 2004 may especially test the U.S. since transiting Saturn will square natal Saturn (at 14 Libra) of the national horoscope.

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