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An Astrological Look at the Terrorist Attacks on the WTC

By : N. C. Syminghton 9/15/2001

Starting from a wide viewpoint and moving to a more narrow one, I will discuss the major cycles that influence this year, then the astrological effects upon the USA birth chart, followed by their effects on the ground breaking and opening of the WTC, and finally the astrological configuration for the date of the attacks themselves. Here are the sources for the data used. The horoscope of the USA is from Dane Rudhyar. While there are many different times for the USA chart, Rudhyar's certainly is telling in this case, as you will see. The groundbreaking of the WTC comes from a couple of sources on the Internet, as does the opening. Finally, I am using the time of the initial crash into 1 WTC since that was the defining moment, changing lives forever.

This is not an exhaustive analysis by any means, since it just looks at aspects (the angular relationships between planets and points) only-and not every one of those. Many other techniques would render greater detail and more insight. Using aspects, however, is my preference because they are so revealing and are generally consistent, regardless of the astrological system used.

The broader perspectives supply the context, so I will give just the major aspects that set the stage. For the actual time of the event, I will go into greater detail to elucidate what made it a unique moment and its activation of the larger cycles.

To many astrologers, the year 2001 has an ominous signature-the opposition of Saturn to Pluto which repeats every 35 years or so. Saturn represents, among other things, the past, traditions, authority, and security. Pluto represents power, inexorable force, death/rebirth, and transformation at the deepest level. An opposition means that the two planets are 180 degrees apart which often brings awareness through conflict, or through opposing (or complementary) viewpoints. So this year the stage is set for powerful forces to challenge the security and status quo of the world, since this is a transit that has global effects. While it does not necessarily indicate war, the last opposition between these two planets occurred in 1965 when the U.S. committed its first combat troops to Viet Nam. The one prior to that was in 1931 when Japan invaded Manchuria, considered by many as the first step towards World War II. The true purpose of this aspect, though, is to make us realize what is truly important and to do away with what is inessential. While the loss it portends is often painful, it allows for a stronger sense of stability to emerge, although the results are not immediately apparent.

Adding to the effect of the Saturn Pluto opposition is another slow moving planet, Uranus. It symbolizes all that is sudden and unexpected, causing an unforeseen change in direction. It makes an aspect to both Saturn and Pluto by way of the 16th harmonic or 22.5 degrees (360 divided by 16). In my research, I have found that 16th harmonics often show up when accidents occur. So from the broadest context considered-a global one-we see a configuration involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto that indicates a sudden display of power that deeply affects existing structures-physical, political, and psychological.

Looking at the horoscope of the USA brings the focus closer to home. Using Rudhyar's data, July 4, 1776 at 5:13 p.m. local mean time in Philadelphia, PA gives an Ascendant of 13 degrees 2 minutes of Sagittarius. The Ascendant represents how a country or person perceives itself and how others see that country or person. It is the most personal of all points in the horoscope and is very much connected with health and well being. It is the manner in which all experiences are observed and processed by the individual - or in this case - the country. The planet Pluto, whose cycle to any fixed point is nearly 250 years, is in conjunction (at or near the same degree) with the Ascendant of the USA's horoscope. A conjunction is an aspect of power and Pluto, as noted, is a planet of power. This is the first time in the history of the USA that this transit has occurred. This also means that the global configuration of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus, discussed above, will have a profound and life-altering affect on the self-image of the USA since the Ascendant and transiting Pluto are in conjunction, therefore tying this global pattern very personally into the USA.

To delve a bit further: Because transiting Saturn is in opposition to transiting Pluto now, it lies 180 degrees away from the Ascendant of the USA birth chart-or on the Descendant. As the Ascendant marks the beginning of the 1st house (relationship to oneself) the Descendant is the beginning of the 7th house (relationship to others). The 7th house for a country signifies allies as well as enemies. Transiting Uranus, one of the planets involved in the global cycle for 2001, is in the 2nd house - which has to do with a country's resources, particularly money. Therefore, this important configuration affects the face or self-image of the USA through its enemies (and allies) by unexpected events or accidents that disrupt, even destroy, financial resources (or symbols of them).

Turning to the groundbreaking day, when work on building the World Trade Center began, we narrow our focus more. The date is August 5, 1966; I don't have the exact time. Like the year 2001, there is a configuration involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in 1966. In February, Saturn and Pluto are in opposition to each other-just like 2001-and Uranus is in conjunction with Pluto and therefore in opposition to Saturn as well. In the chart of the groundbreaking of the WTC (groundbreaking chart), the South Node is conjunct Neptune and they connect to the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto pattern of 2001 by a 90 degree aspect, or square, from Uranus and from a 16th harmonic relationship with the other two.

The South Node of the Moon, while not a planet, is an important point that tends to show the influence of the past on present circumstances-an influence that is often unconscious and/or difficult to control. Being in conjunction with Neptune, which represents unseen, and often deceptive, forces, means that there are potentially insidious elements involved in the life (and death) of the WTC that go unmanaged and have great strength (with both the South Node and Neptune being in the sign Scorpio of the Tropical zodiac). Uranus (unexpected and sudden surprises) activating, by 90-degree aspect, the conjunction of Neptune and the South Node in the groundbreaking chart provides an appropriate symbol for the sudden and shocking appearance of (terrorist) forces hitherto unknown or the WTC and in the United States.

For the opening, or ribbon cutting, of the World Trade Center (opening chart), the date and time given to me is around 9:00 am EST on April 4, 1973 in New York City-of course. What also makes 1973 stand out, however, is that OPEC placed an oil embargo on the US and other countries, marking a new way to exert influence and redistributing the balance of power in the world. In the opening chart, natal Saturn is at 15 degrees 52 minutes of Gemini, essentially in conjunction with the Ascendant (of the opening chart). Here again we have the 2001 signature involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto affecting the Ascendant (self-image) as well as Saturn (structure) of the opening chart. Certainly this could indicate that the very framework of the building would be under extreme stress during 2001. Natal Mercury, the planet of commerce, also ties into the pattern of 2001, implying that business would be unusual this year, and hard times could befall those working there.

Now comes the moment of truth-the time that the first plane struck 1 WTC. The chart I will use is September 11, 2001 at 8:45 am EDT New York City. Because discussion of this chart is involved and contains numerous astrological references, it may be difficult to follow all the threads; I will attempt to bring them together as best as I can.

Remember that the frame of reference for this event is the configuration that involves Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto and its significance for the year 2001. See above to review. At first glance, no planet in the chart of the initial attack (or attack chart) connects or sets off the yearly configuration. What is immediately apparent, however, is that natal Mercury is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of the attack chart, which would indicate a message (Mercury) being delivered at that moment. What kind of message? Because natal Mercury makes a 90-degree aspect to natal Jupiter (expansion, growth, excess) and a 67.5 degree aspect to natal Neptune (deception, illusion, confusion), the message likely creates confusion, comes from overseas or from foreigners (Jupiter in 9th house), may be based on deception (Neptune in 4th house), and can easily get out of control.

To find the connection to our yearly pattern requires a deeper inquiry. As mentioned earlier, the 16th harmonic aspects are often correlated with accidents or events that have a marked effect. The 7th harmonic (360 divide by 7) is considered by some astrologers to have a fateful quality where events are difficult to control. Dividing 360 by 7 creates a whole number (51) with a nonrepeating decimal, signifying the unusual nature of this aspect since all other major harmonics used to derive aspects divide evenly or have repeating decimals.

In the attack chart the planet Mars (impulsiveness, aggression, capacity to fight) makes a 7th harmonic aspect to the Sun, which represents the identity of the moment or of the attack. So we have a signature of an aggressive force or identity that is difficult to contain. Adding to the fateful quality of this 7th harmonic aspect is the conjunction between Mars and the South Node of the Moon, which, as mentioned above, represents a past that is unredeemed or has an unrelenting hold on the present. Therefore many years of history can shape this aggressive and fateful identity of the moment. Because the Sun and Mars are fast moving planets, it is important to point out that the aspects that they make to each other and other planets typically last for a day or two only.

Another 7th harmonic exists between Mars and Uranus in the attack chart, and it is here that the yearly configuration of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto becomes activated in such a fateful manner. Mars, being a planet of direct and bold action, joined together by the fated 7th harmonic aspect with Uranus, the planet of surprise and shock, create an unforgettable moment. Uranus also relates to aviation so attack by plane is shown. The 7th harmonic configuration that joins Sun, Mars, South Node, and Uranus (a daily phenomena) connects to the yearly pattern of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto through the planet Uranus that brings unexpected occurrences and can create irrevocable change especially when aspected by Saturn and Pluto, as it is this year.

Trying to predict when longer lasting transits or configurations involving the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto will manifest, an astrologer looks at the faster moving planets, especially Sun and Mars, to trigger an event related to the larger cycles of these slower moving planets. In this case, we have both Sun and Mars triggering the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto cycle in an uncontrollable way per the 7th harmonic.

One other 7th harmonic relationship exists in the attack chart, and it is between Jupiter and Neptune. As I mentioned earlier, Jupiter and Neptune aspect Mercury indicating the type of message delivered at that moment. Not only did it create confusion and exceed all limits, but it also was a fateful communication, perhaps with religious or spiritual significance as Jupiter and Neptune together often bring a yearning to transcend the ordinary.

- end -

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