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Uranus Transits

Uranus is a planet that disrupts and changes the status quo. It's energy is to free us from our routine and to try new things. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Uranus transit when Conjunct Sun
Uranus Conjunct Sun
You may move past any limitations that have held you back and you generally demonstrate great purposefulness at times although you may lack discipline in following through. While you sometimes are willful in pushing for what you want, your will generally is enhanced which allows you to accomplish more of what matters to you. This can serve as a breakthrough period where you see yourself and your goals with greater clarity than before. This is an excellent time to initiate steps to free yourself from an unfulfilling path and redirect your aim toward what truly appeals to you.

If you know what you want and you have been pursuing your heart?s desire, then this cycle can provide a boost as you may progress at a faster rate than before. Even the surest identity can encounter some surprises now that can make you consider new possibilities, which often come from out of nowhere. Sometimes the impact of one is so strong that you can change your goals quite suddenly and without warning. If you are unsure of yourself and where you are headed, this interval can heighten the uncertainty to such a point that you do something about it, where you take charge because you must.

No matter what your situation, you tend to prefer being independent now. You can become an individualist to such an extent that you refuse to cooperate with others, although at times you can champion the rights of those who are in some way under served. This interval can activate the leader within you, as you often have little fear in attempting different tactics to reach your destination. People likely will follow your lead because of your willingness to assume risk and to change. Ego problems can manifest, especially if you dislike sharing power, and you insist on being right. Even if you prefer a conservative approach to life, you probably have moments during this cycle where you take a chance for yourself and break the mold.

While you tend to experience greater vitality and a renewed aliveness during this period, your efforts often lack consistency. You likely get things done in sudden bursts of confidence where you see clearly the goal only to lose sight of it and then have it appear again. You can achieve great things now if you allow events to take their own course and realize that discontinuity is a theme of this interval. Awakening to the creative process within yourself and in life around you can stimulate a much deeper awareness of your own power to express the uniqueness of who you are and an appreciation of others to do the same.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Uranus Conjunct Sun from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Uranus Conjunct Sun

The events of this year will be energizing, unpredictable, disruptive and quite liberating. You’re challenged now to express your true identity to the world, and may be compelled to do this in fairly dramatic ways. You have an intense need for personal freedom and independence, and may make a sudden break from a restrictive situation or environment. You’ll fight against any restrictions placed on you; even those that have been tolerable in the past, and your need for change will feel so urgent that you’re inclined to act before thinking. Your inner restlessness may feel unbearable at times and there’s a real danger that you’ll put yourself at serious risk from impulsive decisions or rash actions. But as difficult as it is to handle the sheer unpredictability of this time, there’s real value to this process, as it encourages you to be more courageous in facing the future. Other people may not understand your urgency and you may experience more conflicts in your partnerships as you struggle to assert your own individuality. Your physical body may feel like it’s vibrating at a higher rate, which it is now, and you must pay more attention to how stress affects your body, especially your nervous system. You may have more trouble sleeping or sitting still for long periods of time, but need to choose safe and healthy outlets for this nervous energy. You may also be interested in science and technology, or incorporate groundbreaking techniques into your work.

This Interpretation of Uranus Conjunct Sun is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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