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Uranus Transits

Uranus is a planet that disrupts and changes the status quo. It's energy is to free us from our routine and to try new things. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Uranus transit when Conjunct Mars
Uranus Conjunct Mars
Unpredictable conduct can have a strong impact upon you during this period. Even if you are averse to risk, you tend to take greater chances now than usual or sometimes chance events occur that you must confront. Generally there is much volatility, and you may have moments of great courage and other moments of uncertainty. Therefore, your actions often lack consistency. You can keep others off balance because they may not know from what angle you are coming.

In any type of competition, this element of surprise can give you an edge. However, your commitment may wax and wane, as consistency is difficult to maintain. Nonetheless you are capable of unusual achievements that set you apart from the rest. You generally are willing to try things that others avoid and to experiment with approaches that others have not considered. No matter how important people may be to you, this interval tends to bring out the individual within you. Often you show great independence and a preference for doing it your way. If you have had difficulty separating yourself from circumstances or people, you may have the strength of will to make a break when the time is right.

Occasionally this cycle forces you to stand up for yourself and to fight for your rights. Unexpected events may put you in a position that requires quick decisions. You have the ability to respond instantaneously to whatever life throws at you although your instincts may not always be accurate. Still, you usually are willing to continue to try until you get it right. This is not to say that you will repeat the same steps over and over again; that would bore you. However, you will attempt as many different approaches as you can devise until you find the one that works unless you lose interest before the process is over.

Moving fast is often a characteristic of this period, as the pace of your life may accelerate. Slowing down at times is recommended since your stamina may only last for short spans, and you may push yourself past your limits. In fact, you may not recognize the limits as they approach which can cause unforeseen problems. This is an excellent time to begin any discipline that enhances your hand eye coordination as well as trains your ability to act without thinking. You tend to do that anyway now, but it can create difficulties if you lack preparation for the consequences.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Uranus Conjunct Mars from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Uranus Conjunct Mars

This will be an extremely unpredictable and volatile year, and the intense restlessness you feel needs to be handled carefully. You have a great need to break free of situations that have limited your actions and even though they’ve been tolerable in the past, you won’t be willing to put up with them now. Your reactions are immediate, passionate and often laced with anger. You may make a sudden break from a restrictive job or unexpected opportunities may arise that force you to act quickly. Even though patience is not your strongest virtue now, you should exercise great caution when making changes in your life, as you may overreact to minor frustrations and act without thinking. This energy can make you much more accident-prone and you should use special care when operating any kind of machinery or motor vehicle, or when handling weapons or explosives. Ironically, even though there’s often a danger in releasing this pent-up energy because of its erratic quality, it may be more destructive if you try to ignore or repress it. It will have to come out somehow, often when you least expect it as a fit of rage or sudden temper tantrum. Repressing this energy may also adversely affect your health, especially in the form of frequent headaches or trouble sleeping. If you can see past the disruptive nature of this time, you can effect important changes in your situation that will allow you more opportunities for creative expression and individuality in your work.

This Interpretation of Uranus Conjunct Mars is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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