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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Opposition Mars
Pluto Opposition Mars
Any conflicts that arise now likely are intense. Whatever opponents you encounter at this time usually are formidable, although you also can demonstrate considerable strength in asserting your wishes. Important issues, especially with others, may require much effort. Sometimes they reach a critical point during this cycle because you are unlikely to let important things pass without reacting. You typically find it easier to stand up for what is right, which you may do on your own volition, or people or circumstances may compel you. It is possible that controlling influences in your life become too overbearing, requiring you to defend your position, even to sever ties.

Powerful forces often are at work during this cycle; at times they may happen to you, and other times you direct them. You can gain a deep insight into the nature of your desires and the consequences that arise from the choices that you make based on them. Whatever your decisions, you tend to act upon them unhesitatingly while holding nothing back. This can propel you toward your objective. If what you seek is out of anger, frustration, or any other reactive motivation, however, you may meet stiff opposition to what you have set in motion. If what is vital and if what truly compels you underlies your action, then your direction should become clearer and the steps that you must take, more certain.

Because your energy typically needs an outlet now, physical activity can focus it constructively while strengthening you at the same time. You likely benefit from demanding training and rigorous exercise. Although you can move past previous limitations, you can push yourself and others too far unless you pay attention to the body?s wisdom. Usually possessing greater fortitude and daring than most, you can excel in any competitive arena. Your willingness to persist unrelentingly assists you to overcome the most challenging obstacles. The problem is that situations and people often match and sometimes exceed your own intensity. You succeed best when you can exercise discipline in your selection, pursuing only those contests where your probability to win is high.

Individual concerns often take precedence over the needs of others, and this may create conflicts in certain relationships. Compromise probably is difficult; you tend to insist on what is right, often refusing to yield. Still you can demonstrate strong leadership when you are in full command and alone on the point since sharing power likely is a problem. If you know what you want, this cycle can provide you with the courage and the perseverance to achieve it, although you may have to give something up to get what you desire.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Opposition Mars from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Opposition Mars

During this period of time, you feel a great surge of physical energy and determination to achieve your goals. Projects demand your full attention and are not without problems and frustrations. You’re capable of a great amount of hard work and will often be unaware of how much energy you’re actually expending. You may suffer from exhaustion at times, but be unwilling or unable to slow down and catch your breath. You’re driven by ambition and the promise of great rewards, and have to be very aware of your motives. Your desire for power, wealth and success may lead you to use unfair or manipulative tactics to get what you want, and you’re capable of being quite ruthless, especially if you’re normally inclined in that way. You may see any opposition as an excuse to fight, and have to deal with intense anger when things don’t go your way. You may use anger to dominate other people and bend them to your will, or have to deal with another person who’s expressing unbridled anger toward you. This will be most apparent when you’re dealing with professional partnerships or involved in negotiations and contracts. There’s great potential for coercion or intimidation and although your powers of strategy are formidable, you may meet your match. If you put yourself in dangerous situations you may be exposed to violence, and in extreme situations, be the victim of violence. You also have the opportunity to direct this focus into ventures that serve a greater good, which is the most positive use of this energy. There’s no guarantee your project will succeed now, but any change you experience will clear the path for greater achievements in the future.

This Interpretation of Pluto Opposition Mars is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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