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Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Conjunct Moon
Neptune Conjunct Moon
Heightened sensitivity may characterize this period, and compassion can surface more readily. You often react to the slightest disturbance or impetus, which can make you susceptible to being influenced by whatever or whoever is around you. You generally don?t make sharp distinctions in your daily life now. This can mean that you have difficulty saying ?no? in certain situations, especially to anyone who needs you. People likely recognize this, and you may provide unconditional support where necessary. On the other hand, it is possible that you are the one in need, and that you seek the comfort and protection that certain people or conditions can offer. You may become deferential in giving or receiving care.

Aspects of your home life may lack clarity, and repairs that are difficult to locate or to fix, may appear. Changing your living situation may be exactly what you expect if you are clear on what you require. Often a move of any kind now can contain hidden problems, sometimes intentional and other times not. It is important that you honestly assess what you need and convey that and demand the same from others. Those closest to you may offer you wonderful assistance, and you can share an unspoken bond that enhances your security. However, dependency issues can emerge that can become difficult to break unless faced. Avoidance of tough questions may occur.

There is much to gain from this cycle if you can recognize things for how they are rather than how you want them to be or how others may want you to see them. Being realistic in all areas of your life minimizes any disappointment and allows you to make adjustments before any regrets may arise. This cycle favors going with the flow and feeling your way along rather than assuming an analytical or cerebral approach; not that you must be mindless. In fact, being mindful is an essential ingredient for getting the most out of this time; it means being aware without making any judgments. Then you respond to whatever the situation necessitates. It typically is a reactive mode, but you are following the lead that life extends.

What can make this period difficult is how easy you can get swept along by the mood of the moment, which over time produces, a wide range of emotions. Passivity can take over. However, one lesson is to understand that being in the moment can require action, or turning away, or even saying ?no.? You have the capacity to feel extraordinary empathy. Occasionally this brings pain and other times bliss. It is important to realize that no span of time lasts forever, and that things will change no matter what their state; nothing is static. If you are well attuned, you will know exactly when to change, although it may require no effort at all.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Conjunct Moon from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Conjunct Moon

Your emotions are confusing during this time, as you fall under a spell of idealism, romance and compassion. This will often affect your home, family or personal relationships, but may also involve the more material aspects of your life such as work or finances. You’re looking for more emotional contentment and may be disillusioned with the way your life’s been going up to this point. Your visions are lofty and idealistic and you may attempt to change your life to follow a more spiritual path, but this idealistic spell makes you less discriminating and realistic and you may get drawn into situations that are deceptive. You may also deceive yourself and go against what your rational mind is telling you. You may be unconcerned with material issues to the point that you lose money or endanger the security of your home and property. It will be very common for your friends to tell you that you’re crazy during this time, but you won’t be dissuaded from your course. Confusion is normal now, even though it’s uncomfortable. You’ll need to confront your illusions about other people and whether or not they fulfill your emotional needs, and may experience this lesson in the form of a romantic or idealistic relationship. You’re more likely to see what you want to see in this person and completely ignore the reality of who they are. As you work through your illusions, you may discover that the relationship is not what you thought it was, or just not what you really need. There’s always a chance the relationship will work, but you should wait until this cycle completes before making any firm commitments. Be more attentive to problems at home such as deception or chaos involving the issues of home, and should be especially careful about water problems - check your plumbing for leaks. You may also engage in escapist behavior such as drinking or doing drugs, but your body is much more sensitive and you should be careful when taking in any foreign matter, even prescription drugs. Also watch digestive problems and food poisoning.

This Interpretation of Neptune Conjunct Moon is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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