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Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Conjunct Mercury
Neptune Conjunct Mercury
Clarity in conveying information may become important during this cycle, and understanding accurately what others say can avoid misunderstandings. Precision in your communication often is lacking now, which can create problems whenever that is needed. You can successfully get intricate messages across, but you generally have to make a special effort to be clear on all points. There is a tendency to forget important details that can create future dilemmas unless detected early on. This is usually a time to let go of meticulousness since it may prove impossible to catch everything.

Your mind is likely more pliable now than usual, which can increase the range of your interests. Formal logic or rigid analysis likely is ineffective now and may have little appeal. While you can learn abundantly, the classroom is typically very open, and the world around you may offer many possibilities to broaden your outlook. You tend to show greater sensitivity in what you perceive as well as what you share. Experiences that open your awareness probably are as varied as your imagination, which is enhanced now also. Working on subtle problems may draw your attention as you have the capacity to recognize slight distinctions where others may see none. However, this is a time when playfulness can take precedence over serious endeavors, and you may enjoy wandering without a set goal or objective.

Contracts that you sign during this cycle should be examined closely since you may take on more than you anticipate. In the best of circumstances, these unanticipated elements can prove very beneficial, although they can create complexities that are troublesome to unravel. Having a trusted advisor can assist in making certain that you don?t get in over your head, wherever important matters require your word or signature. A requisite for this cycle is honesty in all your dealings, not only in your interactions with others, but also in the information they supply to you. Misinterpretations are much more likely to occur now than in the past, whether intentional or not. Some of these can have long-term consequences unless you take precautionary steps.

It is not that you must suspect everyone and everything. On the contrary, this period is useful in being more open with what you say and more trusting in what you hear. Meaning what you convey, so that the intent and the words are congruent, can have a powerful impact upon others, and listening carefully to any disparity between what you hear or read and the purpose behind it can help you make the right choices. You have the ability to do both; it just means paying close attention when necessary.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Conjunct Mercury from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Conjunct Mercury

The events of this time will increase your mental perception, but may also be quite confusing. Your normally logical mind is more influenced by your imagination now, and straightforward, critical thinking may be difficult. You absorb information rather than processing it intellectually, and may not be able to justify why you believe things so strongly. Even though your perceptions will be quite accurate, it may take some time to really understand this new way of receiving information and you may feel disoriented at times. Confusion is normal now, even though it’s uncomfortable. Your communication is also affected by this energy and you may experience more misunderstandings with other people. You believe that you’re being clear in your communication but are likely to assume that others are thinking on the same level, and may not explain things in a logical way that they can understand. In fact, other people may see you as flaky or a daydreamer now, but try not to take their reactions too personally. This time will activate your imagination and you’re extremely creative, especially in writing and speech, and can inspire others with a more elevated way of looking at the material world. You may be interested in spiritual philosophies and disciplines as well as more traditional religion, but are looking for a higher meaning of truth now and will shy away from the confines of religious dogma.

This Interpretation of Neptune Conjunct Mercury is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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