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Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Ascendant
Neptune Opposition Ascendant
You’re entering a period of extreme frustration, when you seem to lose your focus in life and have less energy to achieve your goals. You have a strong need to make your mark in the world, but may be confused about your motives. If you’ve been solely concentrating on material success you may suddenly feel a lack of spiritual satisfaction in your work, and outside forces seem to force you to change your direction. Or you may just feel more defeated or apathetic about pouring your soul into projects that seemed fulfilling in the past. This inner confusion will greatly affect your relationships to other people, as you also question their place in your life. Confusion, lack of trust and dishonesty are more problematic now, and partnerships that no longer live up to your ideals will likely end. Even strong relationships will go through a difficult time, as you strive to incorporate more spiritual values into your partnership. You may also be captivated by a new partnership, personal or professional that promises to rescue you from your troubles, or attract another person who will look to you to rescue them. Either way, you have to be painfully honest with yourself about your motives in partnerships now; are you really experiencing a higher level of commitment? Or are you getting some satisfaction from feeling that you’ve saved someone with only their best interest at heart? You should avoid a “God-complex” in relationships, that you somehow have the power to make someone’s life better. There’s a possibility that a new partnership that develops will be truly meaningful for you, but you should wait until this cycle is complete before making any life-altering commitments. Be especially careful when signing agreements or fighting legal battles, as you can’t trust that other people will be honest. You should also avoid any intentional deception now, as even little white lies made with the best of intentions will have a way of coming out when you least expect it. You should avoid masking your feelings with escapist behavior, such as more alcohol or drug use. Your body is much more sensitive to abuse and you may experience chronic fatigue, susceptibility to infections or allergies, or problems from foreign matter such as food poisoning.
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