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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Mercury
Neptune Opposition Mercury
Misunderstandings with people may arise during this period. Often difficulties can stem from what is not communicated as much as from what is. You generally assume more than others can deliver, which can disappoint you, and false expectations can emerge from unrealistic ideas. To the extent that you honestly express your thoughts, you can expect the same in return, and if not, then clearly stating your position eliminates a portion of any potential discord. Listening attentively is important to prevent possible disputes as others can skip crucial steps that can change your whole perception of what they are attempting to convey.

What can make this period a challenge is that you tend to avoid spending time on details, even when you do, there typically is one key, but seemingly insignificant point, that gets overlooked, causing potential havoc. The lesson here is that no detail is insignificant, but it is impossible to address every one. Having an open focus, however, where you concentrate on nothing in particular yet include in your awareness all that you possibly can, is one way to distinguish when something is amiss, when it does not fit. Being truthful in your self-reflections and toward the world around you makes you better able to recognize any potential trip wire and to adjust accordingly.

You generally function better now free of restrictions, especially those that limit your thinking. Precision is unlikely to attain, although you may strive for perfection. Ambiguity can make it difficult to reach unequivocal decisions, and you may struggle to know what is right. If you are overly analytical, what you seek to capture may elude your grasp. Being too informal can enhance confusion. However, this cycle helps to show that there are not necessarily any absolute answers, only relative ones that can change according to the perspective that you take. If you adapt to comparative realities, you can operate quite well in this environment, although others may perceive you as unreliable since you may flow with the current thought or idea.

Contracts signed now can cause future unrest, since what you get at present may not be what you want in the future, perhaps because your perceptions change or possibly you cannot count upon the other party. Your imagination is at a peak now, which is useful for creative play and work. Finding ways to express inspirations can serve to clarify your thoughts. Complex issues can reach a pinnacle of entanglement now, and you may let go of achieving any resolution. In releasing the need for an outcome, you just might get one. It is an irony of this period that the more you must know, the less likely you will, and the less you pursue solutions, the greater the chance they come to you.

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