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Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Neptune
Neptune Opposition Neptune
To reach this stage in your life you have seen a lot, but what you come across during this period may appear different than anything before. Although events may never materialize, you may witness situations that are outside your normal grasp and can even strain your credulity. Often what you think you see and what actually is there may not be the same. Clarity is difficult to attain when you want a particular outcome, and unrealistic expectations can leave you disappointed. You and all that surrounds you are more transparent than usual, however, making any dividing lines less distinct, thus allowing you easier access to worlds besides the one of the five senses.

Being acutely sensitive is possible now, and you do well to minimize stressful circumstances in your life. While placing any kinds of limits can be a challenge, you can create spaces where you can retreat to soothe whatever is upset. You can be more attuned to your well-being and slight corrections can have a large effect. You may feel sympathetic to the needs of others, and you may respond quickly to anyone who seeks your assistance. A test of this period is learning how to recognize the difference between a real need and an imagined want. When you are unable to make that distinction, disappointment can occur.

Because you are so open at this time, you lend yourself to a myriad of influences. While you are susceptible to unwanted effects, you also can attract circumstances that uplift and inspire you. Generally it is easier for you to unite rather than separate, and you can experience a connection to what is universal. Empathy is a feature to this period that can allow you to join with others in a shared bond where words are not always necessary. Dreams can become brighter, and sometimes you like to escape into worlds that you fashion, especially when reality is too harsh.

You tend to respond to the slightest disturbance, so you must take care to monitor your intake including the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the emotions you encounter. Losing your balance and your perspective is easier now when you overreact and even underreact. Since your perception can be unusually sharp, you have the capacity to adapt effortlessly to all manner of stimuli. It requires that you accept things for how they are. In achieving that, it is likely that what was cloudy becomes clear, and you can attain a rhythm that keeps you in harmony. Sometimes this is a test of your faith. When you are unwilling to let go, confusion can be pervasive and doubts often arise. Trusting that all is well despite appearances can lighten you considerably.

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