Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Square Uranus
Neptune Square Uranus
Although changes may occur, they may not lead you to where you want to go or to where you expect. Doubts about the future may permeate your life at this time, and you may not trust the vision that you see. You generally have more options available to you, however, so getting stuck is unlikely. You tend to prefer moving to being still, and yet unusual circumstances may surround your life now and can interfere with your ability to move forward. You may become mired in complexities and uncertainties that restrict your freedom while not having a clear idea as to whether these problems are real, or if they are, what their source is.

Where you once were unequivocal, circumstances may cause you to question your convictions which sometimes are undermined for no apparent reason. While in certain areas of your life you usually are willing to shift your position when you are shown a better way, here you may end up more confused making it difficult to assert your will convincingly if at all. Subjective or biased perspectives may hinder objectivity so that you may lack clarity on certain issues making decisions troublesome, especially regarding what lies ahead. Technical snags can appear that are often hard to solve as technology may seem less reliable if you depend on it.

Despite the frustration that can occur from unseen angles, this cycle can bring a greater awareness of differences and their importance in creating any kind of unity. The lesson here is to embrace diversity so that you can accept more easily what defies convention. Whether it is eccentric people, unfamiliar conditions, or disaffected parts of yourself, it may be necessary to widen your focus and to become more inclusive. In doing so, you can experience a greater connectedness within and around you.

While this period can pass by without affecting you personally, it can occasionally have a major impact due to imperceptible forces. Sometimes what you don?t see or anticipate can have the strongest influence and can alter your path noticeably. Blind spots can cause you to miss key distinctions as the edges often get blurred. Loss of independence can occur if you emphasize it to the exclusion of everything else since it is important during this cycle to balance being an individual with the needs of others. To the extent that you can accomplish this, you likely stay clear of unwanted detours that keep you from where you intend to go.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Square Uranus from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Square Uranus

During this time, you’ll be faced with new philosophies or the strong opinions of other people that challenge your view of reality. You may have adopted a belief system that hasn’t been comfortable, but that you’ve held to rigidly. You’re now forced to examine your beliefs to see if they’ve held you back from expressing your true identity out in the world, or limited your full understanding of the more subtle aspects of your life. These new insights are often very confusing or disorienting and you should allow plenty of time to incorporate them into your present view of reality. You may wish to explore metaphysics or the occult, or develop your psychic abilities, but this is not the best time to experiment with any radical changes in the way you interpret life. You tend to be more gullible now and may not test the validity of these new theories. There may also be surprises concerning secrets, such as an important secret you were withholding coming out, or you may be shocked by the secrets that others reveal about themselves. Again, give yourself time to adjust to this new information and try not to react until you understand it more fully.

This Interpretation of Neptune Square Uranus is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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