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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Square Saturn
Neptune Square Saturn
Circumstances may make it difficult to hold on to things, particularly what you consider important. The firmer you grasp, the harder it may be to retain your grip as you may have to learn how to let go during this cycle. Although you may have to release what you want to keep, you also can dissolve unwanted responsibilities and loosen what is stuck. Conditions are suitable to clear obstructions by softening rather than resisting since maintaining control in certain areas is likely difficult.

A gradual weakening of structures that you have depended upon for stability may occur, and this cycle has a way of pinpointing the weakest links within and around you. Goals that you pursue may no longer hold your attention, and it can be a challenge to stay focused. To the extent that you are off course, this period tends to detect the slightest deviation. While this can make you more aware of subtle differences that you can correct for greater efficiency, you also may find that minor miscalculations may have a major impact on what you have already established. One purpose of this process is to become more aware of barely perceptible forces and the important role that they play in affecting outcomes.

Attention to detail is important here. Blind spots tend to cause problems, and you can overlook small items that turn out to be key elements. Although such oversights can be a nuisance and even debilitating, they help to show where you need to direct your attention in order to stay anchored and to remain secure. Conditions usually won?t allow you to stay too set in your ways, however, as you generally need flexibility in whatever you plan at this time. Being too rigid in your approach may make it nearly impossible to reach your objective since ambiguity is something that you typically must contend with at this time in order to get the results that you seek.

Confusing situations can arise that undermine your command or authority and can cause doubts. At the same time, you may lose faith in those who have charge over you. To gain respect during this period you generally must show authenticity in whatever you embody. This means that you and those around you probably recognize any distortion of the truth which tends to compromise the effectiveness of leadership. Seeing your way clearly through this time requires honesty in what you seek. What you find may disappoint you if you look closely, yet making adjustments now rather than avoiding them will make life smoother while alleviating any disillusionment in your status.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Square Saturn from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Square Saturn

During this period of time, your security and sense of self-confidence are severely challenged. In the areas of your life affected by this transit, you’ve been working to establish a solid base of security. You’re working hard to overcome insecurity and gain more confidence, and may feel the need to constantly protect yourself from external difficulties. During this time, these areas are threatened by a loss. In financial matters, this could mean a loss of income or financial support; in your career, you may be threatened by a change in the basic structure of your career or the loss of your job. But this difficulty may come from within as a feeling of disillusionment about the importance of material security, or a desire for change in your life direction. This period of time will test the sense of reality you have about the material world, causing you much anxiety, fear and confusion. You’re opening up to a whole new sense of reality that’s different from the way you’ve related to the concrete structures of the material world. You’re now looking for a more spiritual approach to your life but may not be clear about this inner motivation, and as it clashes with your material life, you may lose all perspective on what’s happening. As difficult as it sounds, you have to trust more in your own capabilities and know that any loss you experience is just making room for you to build a new and better sense of security in yourself. The old defenses that made you feel confident and secure are no longer necessary, and this can be rather painful and may take a toll on your health. Even if you feel OK during this time you should pay more attention to your health, as problems now may not be obvious and hard to diagnose.

This Interpretation of Neptune Square Saturn is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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