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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Square Pluto
Neptune Square Pluto
Because this cycle affects many people simultaneously, it sometimes has a broad consequence rather than a personal one. Still it does create an environment that can affect you. Doubt can permeate certain areas of your life, especially regarding determination. You may question your ability to persevere along a course of action that you have chosen, and what was once a compelling interest may lose its urgency. If it is truly what you desire, then this period may provide a momentary yet perplexing deflection on your journey. The uncertainty that can surface, however, may assist you to see many viable options that you excluded in a compulsive pursuit.

Achieving what you want most can occur, although the route getting there is unlikely to be as quick or as straight as you prefer. Pushing yourself often brings added complexities that can tie you up and render you ineffective. You can succeed when you accept conditions for how they are no matter how severely they may undermine what you have constructed. A purpose here is finding the right rhythm to reach an objective. While normal procedure may be to attack it head on, that approach often is inadequate now. Recognizing that the pace must be varied and that much can be learned as you go along, you can take your time when appropriate and appreciate more than merely reaching an end.

Generally you are more amenable to those areas of your life that are intense, and you can soften some of the extremes that you manifest, although you may avoid facing matters that seem too painful. Trying to ignore what is forcefully present can cause you to miss the importance of the message. Sometimes, this period can usher in a significant change that washes over you imperceptibly. While it can dissolve obsessive characteristics, you may perceive an erosion of your strength. Fear of losing or compromising your effectiveness is possible, although what you observe is often not the reality.

When you look without distortion, you likely realize that any losses at this time assist in opening you to the core of some issues. While meeting them directly can prove too difficult, you can uncover them obliquely. This means that you may get clues to what is most fundamental through dreams, visions, or meaningful events that nudge you in that direction. This may not happen for you as described, and yet embracing all that life is can allow you to connect with it at the most significant and extreme levels without judgment. In doing so, you may tap into the source of power that unites rather than conquers.

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