Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Square Jupiter
Neptune Square Jupiter
Your hopes can run high during this period, and you may demonstrate a positive attitude. While you can bring certain dreams that you have into reality, you sometimes misplace your trust so that what you foresee as a likely development may turn into a disappointment. To fulfill your wishes now, you must show great sensitivity to the difference between true belief and unfounded expectations since it is easy to go astray at this time. This is a period where everything is wide open and where the choices are many. While this can give you the illusion of unlimited freedom, unless you possess honest intentions, you can lose your way in a maze of varied twists and turns.

It is easy to want more than you can assimilate as the environment that surrounds you may encourage you to consume. Advertising and all that is enticing likely has a stronger effect upon you than usual and typically colors your thinking as well as influences your ability to discriminate among a range of options. Great abundance is possible now when you can distinguish empty promises from the real thing as this is one of the tests of this cycle. Your success in passing it can secure great wealth not only of material things but also of understanding since knowing how the game is played allows you to take full advantage.

Not knowing how to play can weaken you and open you to deceptions and misrepresentations that can undermine your confidence and take the fun out of this period. Despite the confusion that often is a feature now, there is the opportunity to have a very good time and to forget any problems by escaping into what you enjoy most. Generally you see the best in all that is around you even when it is not justified, so that you sometimes may misread conditions as they arise causing potential missteps.

Progress is typically a circuitous path that can lead you in a variety of directions as you attempt to advance. Impatience is generally counterproductive since you tend to get deflected off course quite readily. A lack of definition or clear boundaries likely makes it difficult to stay focused for very long. While this can present problems in moving forward in a straight line, you can appreciate and learn a great deal from your detours and what you encounter. You usually are much more open than usual where everything may seem possible. If you can find your way under limitless conditions, you probably can keep your bearings no matter what the situation.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Square Jupiter from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Square Jupiter

This can be a time of discouragement and confusion as obstacles to your progress test your faith and optimism. There’s often a fine line between truth and illusion, and your highest ideals will be more subject to disillusionment now. You may want to pursue highly idealistic goals, but without a concern for the practical realities and responsibilities. You may over-estimate your abilities and take on projects that are too big in scope, or find that resources you’ve relied on are not as solid as you thought. Watch deceptive financial deals that are too good to be true and other people who take advantage of your generous nature. Also watch a tendency to gamble or otherwise risk your money. You may experience a manic feeling of being intensely high and suddenly feel discouraged or deflated in your ventures, and confusion is normal during this time. Try not to take setbacks too personally and know that these circumstances are temporary. You may be interested in spirituality or religion as you question the true meaning of life, but are less discriminating now and should be careful of adopting a new belief system without testing how it works in your everyday life. You may also discover a new philosophy that severely tests the principles and tenets that you’ve followed up to this point. While these insights may be powerful and compelling, it’s important to wait until this cycle completes before making any final judgments.

This Interpretation of Neptune Square Jupiter is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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