Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Sextile Pluto
Neptune Sextile Pluto
As a cycle that is often imperceptible, you may not experience any outward events. Its effect may be more as an underlying approach that may pervade this time. You may be more open to the power that you possess and to your ability to make a difference in certain areas of your life. Although you are unlikely to act on it, you may enjoy a feeling of your capacity to influence, and that delight may nurture it for future use. To the extent you are a person who demonstrates your influence, any urgency to manifest it now may be muted.

A softening of whatever is intense can occur now where you can dissipate the relentless push toward some outcome. While this may mean that you are less compelled to get what you want, it can also make you aware of other possibilities to reach the same end. Obsessive behavior can abate, and you typically are more willing to contemplate a wider range of action and reaction than before. Sometimes this period brings you a vision that motivates you to make it a reality as you can become so inspired that you have no choice but to follow through until completion. You may have a clearer idea now of what must be done, and your mind can imagine extremes that can be useful in playing out worst and best case scenarios before taking a step.

Compassion for the most destitute and underserved is available to you during this cycle as well as an appreciation for those who are most successful and prominent. You tend to understand the nature of polarities and how they need each other in order to maintain their states and how the dynamic interplay of opposites generates great force. Ethical judgments involving right or wrong may lose some of their weight now as you tend to see many sides of an issue, particularly one that involves contrasting positions. At this time, you may do well as a mediator of severe disparities.

This period affords you the opportunity to dissolve deeply rooted fears, and you are typically more willing to accept whatever you encounter no matter how disturbing. Your capacity to embrace what before repelled you can broaden your perspective significantly. Situations may help you realize that no matter how acute circumstances appear, they are manageable in some way, and options exist even under the most extreme conditions. In recognizing this, you can deepen your faith to such an extent that you are equipped internally to meet any contingency.

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