Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Sextile Mercury
Neptune Sextile Mercury
Interactions with others often are more open than usual and you may appear less concerned with being right. This period can enhance your appreciation for ambiguity and the lack of precision that exists despite the best efforts to make the world otherwise. Even if your daily life includes a rigid schedule or a demand for exacting work, you tend to see it all in a larger context, which can relieve any stress for the time being. You generally are more willing to let go of a particular approach or method, and therefore you create the appropriate environment to receive answers rather than to force them. Especially with complex issues, you are more likely to resolve them now if you can release your stake in any outcome.

Mentally you often are more flexible in your viewpoints, and you may find it less important to maintain an opinion, which allows you to learn a greater variety of material than usual. Although you can encounter new interests now, you tend to see greater richness in what you know and to appreciate the nuances of what is familiar. A wide range of opportunities for study can present themselves to you, as life itself may offer more than you noticed before. This is an excellent time to experience your mind free from the need for censoring its musings and wanderings that may bring inspiration.

This generally is a good time to play or at least to release the strain that can come from excessive worry. The more that you can let go of the hold of repetitive or negative thoughts, the more your imagination can create more appealing and soothing images. You have the ability to withdraw mentally from any pressures that surround you. Flights of fantasy can nourish you, and any means to calm your nerves generally is effective. Even if you are free of concerns, you can benefit from minimizing deadlines and increasing your participation in the stream of thoughts that arise, following them to wherever they may lead you. Sometimes travel, usually short trips, is a way to disengage for awhile, especially if you have no fixed destination.

You tend to communicate with greater sensitivity, and you usually have a sense for what others need to hear. At the same time, you often listen more attentively, if not to the details, then to the intent of what people say. You have the ability to detect insincerity while you may be more aware of mixed messages that you convey. This cycle can assist to establish more trust with all that surrounds you. It is possible that you draw people who share their problems with you, and it can lighten your burdens to have someone who can not only listen, but also truly empathize with whatever presses on your life. Use this time to open the channels so that you can better connect with what sustains you.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Sextile Mercury from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Sextile Mercury

You have a great ability to process information now, as your intuition is extremely heightened. You understand abstract ideas and can interpret the more subtle forces around you, and are likely to discover your physic abilities. Your communication with other people is more sensitive and compassionate and you can be a very good listener. You can see another person’s dilemma with great clarity and will be more empathetic to their situation. Your creativity and imagination are also heightened now, and you express more truth in your writing and speech, and inspire others by showing them a more elevated way of looking at the material world. You may also be interested in spiritual philosophies and disciplines as well as more traditional religion, but see a higher form of truth and will rise above the confines and limitations of religious dogma.

This Interpretation of Neptune Sextile Mercury is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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