Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Sextile Jupiter
Neptune Sextile Jupiter
Wishing to do better can become a reality now. You typically are more willing to recognize the positive which tends to make possible whatever you dream. Circumstances may provide opportunities to suspend harsh judgments while seeing the best that life offers and neutralizing negative attitudes. Although you can overlook specifics and miss certain details in order to obtain a broader vision, your overall viewpoint usually is accurate so that whatever you skip is unlikely to cause problems. Still you do better when you don?t have to make difficult choices since making sharp distinctions is usually not a quality displayed at this time.

This cycle tends to create a very open environment where you can enjoy the freedom of being uncommitted. Although you can progress in almost any direction that you choose, there is a fluidity that exists now so that you may prefer to sample many possibilities rather than to select one. An ease can surround you that allows you to move ahead effortlessly at times without a need to arrive at any particular destination. One of the gifts of this interval is to realize that growth can occur without a set agenda. When you have faith that all will work out for all concerned, it usually does, and your trust is reaffirmed.

Allowing your life to unfold rather than forcing it can mean greater happiness since things tend to fall into place on their own without any intervention. You also may experience this in your thinking where understanding often comes when you are not seeking it. Generally you have wider interests than usual, and you may come into contact with ideas that broaden your beliefs making you more accepting than before. Permitting your thoughts to expand without interrupting or trying to control them can lead you to the right decisions. You are much more likely to develop a magnificent plan when you are under no pressure and your imagination can flow.

This cycle may proceed without any startling events or even a realization of its benefits, especially when you live in a closed environment that allows little room to spread out or to dream. To get the most out of this period may mean creating the space where you have no obligations, at least for a time, and where you can travel within your mind or outside in the world. Being sensitive to what is possible rather than what is not may make you aware of all that you have to give. Generosity has a way of paying you back in kind; the more you can let go, the more you should receive in return.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Sextile Jupiter from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Sextile Jupiter

Your optimism is inspired during this time and you have more faith in the future. You have a good sense of timing and may experience some luck, but luck is fickle and seductive now and you shouldn’t count on it. You’re extremely idealistic in your approach to business projects and will be more concerned with acting in accordance with your spiritual beliefs. This may lead you to work involving charity or social service, as you feel a great need to enrich and support people less fortunate. You’ll also be interested in sharing your ideals and may be drawn to teaching or otherwise revealing the truth to other people. You may write or speak on issues that are ultimately important to you, with a desire to improve their understanding. Travel is likely during this time, especially to other cultures, and you’ll have enlightening experiences on your journey. You’re more interested in the world around you and will have more empathy for the plight of others. You may be interested in spirituality or religion as you question the true meaning of life, but will be careful of adopting a new belief system without testing how it works in your everyday life. You may also discover a new philosophy that shows you a higher version of the truth. The insight you gain now will prove valuable to you in the future and you’ll feel more comfortable with your belief system.

This Interpretation of Neptune Sextile Jupiter is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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