Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Venus
Neptune Opposition Venus
Vague uncertainties may underlie some relationships during this period. Unless you and your partners see eye to eye on all issues, you run the risk of misunderstandings. Even if you think that you are in agreement, you may find later that you are not. Problems can arise because boundaries are difficult to recognize or they shift, creating the possibility for any number of perspectives or interpretations. If you like your life in a neat package, especially in partnerships, this period likely is disconcerting. Although from appearances all may seem in order, below the surface stability often is tentative.

To the extent that mutual trust exists, you can experience subtle, yet important, breakthroughs with certain people. With controls less stringent, although not necessarily by choice, you can move past previous limitations or barriers to discover more about each other and to appreciate better the complexity that comprises human interaction. Showing greater acceptance of the wide range of strengths and weaknesses can increase the scope and the enjoyment of your relationships. This cycle may coax you to open up more to particular sides of yourself and of others that you may have avoided.

While you typically are less judgmental now, you are susceptible to indiscriminate desires that can prove troubling. You may possess an appetite for pleasure now that knows no bounds and often seeks superficial remedies, only to provide temporary satisfaction. No amount of items or people, no matter how good they look, is likely to fulfill you. Persistent discontentment with fleeting happiness, however, can lead you to yearn for something more permanent. This period can make you more aware of what you like and dislike, what you enjoy and what is distasteful. Attracting quality instead of quantity can bring you closer to experiencing lasting joy.

Your senses often are sharper now, and you tend to value beauty. All forms of art can appeal to you, although those that involve movement and sound can have the strongest effect. You typically have a refined sense of symmetry that can detect the slightest disturbance that upsets the balance. While this can make you retreat from harsh situations, it can assist you to create harmony with the appropriate elements, and sometimes even disparate ones. You have the capacity to bring unity to what seems chaotic if you allow yourself the possibility. Too often you can get caught up in the image of what is pleasing while neglecting the reality behind the appearance, which may be in discord with what you see or what you want.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Opposition Venus from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Opposition Venus

This period of time will be very difficult in your relationships, personal as well as professional, and the effects can be quite confusing. In your existing partnerships, you become highly idealistic about the way the partnership should work. You place unrealistic expectations on your partner and are disappointed when they don’t come through. So much of this may go on in your own mind that they don’t even realize they’re being tested, leaving them very confused. Or they may be the ones wanting to change the relationship, and asking you to trust in their intentions; you may even re-evaluate the meaning of partnership in general. It’s very difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy now, and you should be cautious when making commitments. Confusion is normal now, even though it’s uncomfortable and when you emerge from this cycle, you’ll have a better idea about how you feel. If you’re not involved in a personal or professional partnership this year could bring one, but again, you may be very confused about what you want from partnerships and constantly question their motives. You may be swept off your feet by the romantic nature of new partnerships, ignoring the advice of your conscious mind or your very verbal friends. Other people will likely think your decisions are crazy, but won’t shake you from your course. In business, you may be swept off your feet by promises of financial success and glorified business projects, but you’re much more susceptible and willing to be deceived. Your fantasies of wealth will blind you to practical concerns, and you may not even question the other person’s motives. It’s extremely important that you avoid ventures that you know are suspect, and be very careful about intentionally misleading others. Be practical with your money, as your financial base is unstable and vulnerable during this time.

This Interpretation of Neptune Opposition Venus is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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