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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Saturn
Neptune Opposition Saturn
Security issues may emerge since conditions during this cycle can destabilize what you have assumed is well established. Sometimes you experience greater vulnerability than usual as circumstances can expose the cracks in the structures and approaches you depend upon for steadiness. While this can cause distress, it also can highlight what needs your attention so that you can make the necessary repairs. If you ignore obvious and not so obvious faults, conditions can worsen considerably over time. Generally, the adjustments that you have to make are slight, but unless you are mindful you may overlook important details.

While minor adaptations can keep you on track, disregarding the necessary attunements can set you up for disappointment. The certainty that you once displayed for a course of action may come into question, and this period can heighten your sensitivity to what is missing in your life especially in the objectives that matter most to you. Overreaction can be as detrimental as not reacting at all, and the key in your evaluation of your goals and what you seek is being honest, which should make the next step easier to see.

Occasionally you are blind to what is right in front of you, and you may look past the self-evident to something that you imagine or wish is true. As a leader, you may attempt to uphold a set pattern of rules that no longer apply at least for now. People may challenge your authority indirectly and can undermine it if you remain fixed in your position. The more controlling you are, the more likely you will find your hold slipping. Remaining open to other possibilities should create an atmosphere of trust even though you may have to let go of what you know. This period can demand that you incorporate uncertainty into your secure world and can prove unsettling unless you can relax your need for unambiguous conditions.

It is possible that you assume certain responsibilities that become overwhelming, and they may turn out to be very complex and unclear, which you may not realize until after the fact. One of the lessons of this process is learning how to make decisions when you don?t know all the elements involved. To a certain extent it comes down to faith, but it also requires that your intentions are pure no matter the circumstances. If the motives behind your decisions are based on fear or insecurity, you probably will select a way that enhances those very issues. Clarity can emerge when you are less concerned with getting it right and more cognizant that there are many paths to the same end.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Opposition Saturn from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Opposition Saturn

During this period of time, your security and sense of self-confidence are severely challenged. In the areas of your life affected by this transit, you’ve been working to establish a solid base of security. You’re working hard to overcome insecurity and gain more confidence, and may feel that you need to constantly protect yourself from external difficulties. During this time, these areas are threatened by a loss. In financial matters, this could mean a loss of income or financial support; in your career, you may be threatened by a change in the basic structure of your career or the loss of your job. You may also experience this difficulty with partners who challenge your ideas about how to make a relationship function properly. You may discover that you’ve been sacrificing unnecessarily in order to make it work, or attract people who can’t take care of themselves and demand that you support them. But this difficulty may come from within as a feeling of disillusionment about the importance of material security, or a desire to change your life direction. This period of time will test the sense of reality you have about the material world and may cause you much anxiety, fear and confusion. You’re opening up to a whole new sense of reality that’s different from the way you’ve related to the concrete structures of the material world. You’re now looking for a more spiritual approach to your life, but may not be clear about this inner motivation and as it clashes with your material life, you may lose all perspective on what’s happening. As difficult as it sounds, you have to trust more in your own capabilities and know that any loss you experience is just making room for you to build a new and better sense of security in yourself; the old defenses that made you feel confident and secure are no longer necessary. This can be rather painful at times and may take a toll on your health. Even if you feel OK you should pay more attention to your health, as problems now may not be obvious and hard to diagnose.

This Interpretation of Neptune Opposition Saturn is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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