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Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Opposition Jupiter
Neptune Opposition Jupiter
There is a quality of openness that pervades this cycle that can bring you in touch with inspiring people and experiences that can awaken you to the richness that you and life have to offer. Generally you are receptive to those who show a true need. Although you may demonstrate generosity, you sometimes may exceed your limits and not even recognize it until after the fact because circumstances may make it too easy to say ?yes?. Without the effort to assess your involvement, you can get in over your head, particularly when you lack discretion.

If you are careful by nature, this period may expose your blind spots, and situations or individuals may take advantage of vulnerabilities forcing you to spend energy and resources that you ordinarily would save. No matter what your inclination, there typically is a loosening that occurs during this period that makes it difficult to maintain control in certain areas. A firm grip, however, is usually undesirable. Progress typically comes from letting go rather than from holding back. The key to making it work for and not against you is clearly seeing where you can give freely and in your best interest.

One of the lessons of this process, however, is that there are no wrong choices, just a variety of learning opportunities regardless of the direction taken. Everything that occurs in this interval and from now on can be seen as positive and conducive to your advancement. There can be a difference, though, in how easily you flow from one experience to the next since it is possible to become entrapped by complex and convoluted situations that can have you going in circles. In order to remain free for the next step forward, you must be aware of the truth that is around you before you follow a lead. This cycle can bring a vision of the future that allows you to see ahead and to anticipate.

For that vision to be accurate you must let go of any expectations and false hopes. Wishing likely won?t get what you want, and seeking to inflate yourself and others probably brings you something other than you imagined. Trust is needed for success now. If it is blind, however, it can draw ambiguous conditions that may undermine the present abundance and leave you confused. Confidence comes from a faith that believes no matter what life gives, you are capable not only of handling it but also from benefiting by it. In this way, you set no limits, and you attract what is best.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Opposition Jupiter from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Opposition Jupiter

This can be a time of discouragement and confusion, as obstacles to your progress test your faith and optimism. There’s often a fine line between truth and illusion, and your highest ideals will be more subject to disillusionment now. You may want to pursue highly idealistic goals, but without a concern for the practical realities and responsibilities. You may over-estimate your abilities and take on projects that are too big in scope, or find that resources you’ve relied on are not as solid as you thought. Projects that have been unrealistic may fail and you may find out some truth that you weren’t aware of. Watch deceptive financial deals that are too good to be true and other people who take advantage of your generous nature. Also watch a tendency to gamble or otherwise risk your money. Partnerships may be especially problematic now, as others are not as supportive and may question your ideas. You may also experience a manic feeling of being intensely high and suddenly feel discouraged or deflated in your ventures, and confusion is normal during this time. Try not to take setbacks too personally and know that these circumstances are temporary. You may also be interested in spirituality or religion as you question the true meaning of life, but are less discriminating now and should be careful of adopting a new belief system without testing how it works in your everyday life. You may also discover a new philosophy that severely tests the principles and tenets that you’ve followed up to this point. While these insights may be powerful and compelling, it’s important to wait until this cycle completes before making any final judgments.

This Interpretation of Neptune Opposition Jupiter is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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