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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Square Moon
Pluto Square Moon
You may react strongly to certain situations, especially those that affect you personally. If difficulties exist, this period can aggravate them, and it is unlikely that you can avoid facing certain personal concerns. Sometimes this period raises issues from the past and makes you aware of the conditions and the conditioning that have helped to mold you into the person that you are today. Those patterns that are consistent with your real needs may become more ingrained while those that hinder your development may come to an end, although that may occur after you become acutely aware of their inappropriateness for your well-being.

Often the arena for the intense emotions that can characterize this cycle is the home and/or family. Here is where intimate matters that affect the healthy interaction with all of life usually have their focus. To the extent that you are happy and can distinguish between who you are and what others want or expect you to be, this time may serve to make those distinctions even clearer. If you are in conflict over pleasing those closest to you and providing for your own contentment, this usually heightens the polarity. You may make a choice, or a choice is made for you that closes a door to an aspect of yourself while opening another.

Wherever there is an issue now that involves two or more options, you typically cannot do them all, and in fact, some decision usually must be made. Almost always this is in your best interest, although it may not seem so at the time. The more you are aware of the obstacles to your inner peace and security, the more likely you will use this time to remove them by taking appropriate, sometimes extreme, measures. This cycle concerns ridding yourself of inessential elements in your personal life. This may include habits, certain relationships, or items after a thorough house cleaning. The purpose is to leave you with what is essential so that you are emotionally stronger.

How you support yourself and your intimate contacts can come into question. Any dissatisfaction with your living conditions can intensify now, even compelling you to make a move. If you are comfortable with your habitat, adjustments to it may still be necessary, and you may benefit by strengthening it in some way. You tend to respond compellingly to those who truly are in need while dismissing others who may depend upon you but have no urgent cares. You may alienate some if you try to control their lives, and you may want to control your own to avoid change. Whatever forces are at work to reshape you personally, seek to accept them rather than to resist, as they often are larger and sometimes wiser than you are.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Square Moon from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Square Moon

This period of time will bring enormous change that affects your emotional life, including your home, family and personal relationships. You were molded and shaped by your past and upbringing, but are now forced to examine your inner feelings and remake yourself into the person you’d like to be. You’re going through a process of death and rebirth on an inner emotional level that will increase your sense of self-understanding, but these changes tend to be difficult, as you first have to strip away the old concepts you’ve held about yourself. You may be compelled to explore your past through changes that occur in your family life such as difficult challenges with your parents, especially your mother; or be forced to leave your past behind in order to forge a new direction in life. If you’ve been too attached to relationships or situations that you depend on for your emotional support and sense of identity they may end now, or at least be changed considerably. Your emotional feelings are much more intense and you may be prone to act out your emotions in compulsive, manipulative or even self-destructive ways, and your relationships with women will be especially problematic. This is a good time to enter therapy or counseling to facilitate this process of change, as you have little perspective on why you feel so strongly about things. Letting go of the past is never easy, especially during this time, but know that this process of ending is preparing you for a new level of self-discovery.

This Interpretation of Pluto Square Moon is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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