Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Square Jupiter
Pluto Square Jupiter
An overpowering urge to succeed can arise, motivated by a desire for better conditions and for more material assets. If you lack the assets, you tend to want to obtain them, and if you have them, finding ways to increase your share likely is a priority. This period can bring significant growth where you sometimes are unstoppable in your acquisitiveness. While this can mean substantial reward, you also run the risk of overstepping your bounds and inviting considerable losses or debt. Occasionally both can occur in the same cycle. You can help to minimize extremes, however, by being certain that your desire to possess is based on true need rather than greed.

The momentum that can build now can carry you well past the end of this period. It is important, therefore, to develop what provides you with lasting satisfaction. Otherwise you may find yourself committed to a plan that can prove undesirable. Whatever you choose, it is probable that the results are difficult to overturn. Making decisions that are in your best interests comes easily when you understand what drives your requirement to expand. When it derives from a yearning to improve yourself and others, you should make sizeable progress in any area that you wish to extend.

In your irrepressible urge to move ahead, you can encounter intractable resistance despite your best efforts. If your direction is right, you likely see the positives whatever the situation while persevering in the certainty that you will achieve your end. Typically when you are off course for whatever reason, you see the negatives, and while you typically will persist, you may engage in an ongoing battle against something or someone. This is not to imply that fighting for what you believe in means that you are misguided, but it does signify that you prosper the most when your beliefs involve sincerely helping yourself and those around you.

Your confidence can be very high now so that you can overcome many situations that might otherwise prove daunting. When passion is absent, however, it is possible that you question your self-assurance. Although this is generally a time of great enthusiasm that can propel you beyond all boundaries, it can indicate a critical period that challenges your trust. By investigating deeply to the core of your thinking, you can arrive at a profound understanding that may change your life for the better. You can come to know unequivocally where you must go with the impetus to get there.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Square Jupiter from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Square Jupiter

This is a very powerful time in your life when you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to, but you should expect strong opposition to your efforts. Your optimism and confidence are very high and you have enough physical energy and endurance to push your efforts through to completion, but if you proceed purely with your own interests in mind, other people will put up a strong resistance to your projects. You also have a stronger sense of justice and a need to defend the traditional principles that guide your life, but during this time you may feel the need to inflict your personal philosophy on others or expect them to live up to your standards. You may take on the job of reforming or enlightening those around you, which they’ll strongly resist if you show little concern for their right to believe what they choose. Events during this time may show you that your opinions are right, but may also reveal where there are flaws in your thinking. You may be forced to re-evaluate your basic belief system, whether it involves spiritual and religious principles or your beliefs regarding politics, patriotism or social justice. If you work for the good of the whole you’ll likely succeed in your efforts, but if you’re only concerned with promoting your own beliefs in order to gain power, you’ll encounter difficulties and strong opposition. Know that you have an opportunity to enrich the lives of others now, which will benefit you in the process. You’re ready to open up to a new level of understanding of the world around you and may pursue an intense educational project. Travel is also very likely now, especially foreign travel or visiting places you’ve never been before, which will also broaden your perspective on how other people experience life. Everything you attempt during this time will demand your total concentration and if you keep an open mind, you’ll learn valuable lessons about the correct use of power.

This Interpretation of Pluto Square Jupiter is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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