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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Sextile Pluto
Pluto Sextile Pluto
This is a slow moving cycle that you may not detect although it does have a dynamic quality that under certain circumstances can leave an indelible mark. Sometimes important shifts can occur when you are ready to leave behind what is unneeded. You have an opportunity to clear away deadwood from your life so that you can create the space for something new to emerge. Whatever steps you take generally are significant since matters of substance may replace superficial problems.

Probing beneath the surface, you can uncover answers to challenging questions, especially regarding fundamental concerns. Investigations that you undertake now, likely reach conclusions that satisfy you. You typically have the courage to confront the most extreme conditions, although sometimes you have no choice. In tackling what is difficult, you may access additional strength as you tend to persevere in whatever you seek. While this is usually a helpful period for you and even a profitable one, the compensation that you receive likely has a cost. Intense efforts may be required to reach your objective, and occasionally you must eliminate what seems important to you in order to attain a more compelling desire.

Sometimes this cycle offers financial rewards for the groundwork you may have done over the years. It also can be a time to reorganize your assets so that you are in a better position to profit in the future. Resources that you invest now, whether material or otherwise, probably provide long-term improvement since the choices that you make at this time should have enduring and beneficial effects. Still it is unlikely that anything comes for free as you likely have to give in order to receive, although you usually are more willing to reduce wherever necessary in order to secure enduring gain.

You can perceive the essence of any situation, allowing you to make distinctions that are in your best interest. Having the capacity for serious inquiry, you can reach decisions of considerable importance that can profoundly impact the direction of certain areas of your life. Rebuilding those areas that are in need of repair can regenerate what still has life. A driving force can motivate you to accomplish much even against great odds. You may have a strong effect on those around you, and you may prosper from influential people who reinforce your own power. Taking the lead where you can usually gets the results that you want.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Sextile Pluto from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Sextile Pluto

The cycle you’re entering is a stage in the normal development of maturity, as you prepare to take control of your life and make your mark in the world as a distinct individual. The effects of this process may be very subtle as it works more on a psychological level, but will be valuable as you approach the age of 30. You’re more in touch with the deeper aspects of your personal power and able to understand your motives for success more clearly. You may spend time learning your craft or developing your talents, and can enhance your own sense of self-worth by improving your earning potential. You also appreciate your strengths, giving you more confidence in the future.

This Interpretation of Pluto Sextile Pluto is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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