Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Trine Saturn
Neptune Trine Saturn
If you sense that something is amiss, making subtle adjustments now can assist in getting you back on track. Sensitivity to what works and what doesn?t can bring about greater efficiency, and you are more aware of what is necessary for anything to succeed. Sometimes a minor change in the order that you have established or the way you structure your life can have a major impact for the better. Although you sometimes may lose sight of your objective, you often can find your way by easing up and allowing things to take their course.

You may lack a sustained effort during this period, and yet you may accomplish more than you realize. Being relaxed toward your concerns can keep you from contracting around issues which can impede your effectiveness. When you worry less, you give yourself more time and energy to pursue what matters. Dispensing with needless effort can create effortless achievement. Conditions permit you to let go more completely of whatever has a hold upon you, and you may accept with less resistance demanding obligations. During this period, you sometimes assume a responsibility that requires sympathy or compassion on your part, and it can open you to possibilities that you never have contemplated.

Widening your options can keep you flexible in certain areas of your life. You likely recognize more than one way to complete a task, and you may choose a more indirect approach that takes a longer time in order to enjoy the process. Needing to control an outcome can give way to greater faith that all will work out when applying the proper tactics. It does not mean a complete relinquishment, but it implies releasing what you cannot control.

While you may demonstrate your authority during this cycle, it has a stronger influence when you are receptive to what you don?t know rather than concentrating only on what is familiar and safe. Ironically, your security often strengthens when you can loosen your grip on what you perceive as indispensable. One purpose of this cycle is to show that the respect you seek to attain from yourself and others can come when you stop working so hard to get it. Harmony exists for this period between being open and being focused so that you can realize important objectives by having an intent without committing to a defined approach. Imagination can play a role in seeing ahead and anticipating a number of scenarios before they occur. By considering all possible choices and their consequences, you put yourself in a position to make decisions based on long-term benefits rather than short-term expediency.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Neptune Trine Saturn from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Neptune Trine Saturn

During this period of time, you incorporate more spiritual values into the reality of your everyday life. You can work to actualize your ideals in a way that doesn’t threaten your basic security. You may feel the need to give up certain material comforts that seemed necessary in the past but now seem like burdens that hold you back from exploring the true meaning of your life. You have a faith in the future that comes from knowing that you can handle whatever changes come in your life, and will be able to adjust to a new way of living. Other people will also feel that they can depend on you, as they see this inner sense of confidence that’s unruffled by external change. You may explore new spiritual philosophies or disciplines that help you reach past the confines of the material world, and enhance your sense of security in the basic unpredictability of life.

This Interpretation of Neptune Trine Saturn is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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