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Neptune Transits

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Neptune transit when Trine Mercury
Neptune Trine Mercury
You may arrive at answers without much effort, and too much analysis generally is ineffective, as you benefit from thinking with no set boundaries. Problems that are complex can resolve more easily since you typically are more flexible in your approach. You tend to show greater open-mindedness in all that you do, so that you typically overlook differences to recognize similarities. Instead of separating ideas into distinct categories, you gain by uniting them into a coherent whole. Learning experiences may lead you to recognize, at least intellectually, the harmony that can exist throughout life.

While this cycle offers you the chance to think in the most universal terms, you also are capable of making subtle distinctions that make you sensitive to slight changes. Your communications may have a softer tone, and you can smooth rough edges by your willingness to see all sides of an issue. Being right usually is less important than being fair, and you can speak and write in a way that makes others know that you care. Even if you function in a harsh environment where there is little room for sympathy, you can make a difference in your considerations. Skill in negotiations can appear now. You can listen to what others have to say, and perhaps more importantly to what they don?t say, because you have a sense for the intent behind the words.

This is an excellent time to connect in whatever way appeals to you. This may be with people, books, writing, or sharing information in general. You can have fun now by being open to the range of experiences that likely are available to you. Short trips can provide a means to get away from the stress and to reconnect with yourself. Mental accord can quiet your nervous system, and it can allow you to share deeply with others, often without the need for direct communication. Take this opportunity to relax, especially from any psychological fatigue. You can disengage from repetitive thought patterns now if you find it necessary, and you can empty your mind of the noise that prevents you from apprehending what is important.

You have the ability to anticipate things before they happen, and you tend to think in grand terms. Contracts that you sign now can favor you greatly, especially if you let go of any outcomes. However, this period can signify mental laziness where you prefer to retreat into your own world, which may indeed be very enjoyable. Then it becomes unlikely to gain the full benefit that this time offers, since to get the most out of it requires some attention. While letting go does mean doing nothing, and it is a strong feature of this cycle, it is not inactivity. It implies waiting and being receptive until the right thought comes that inspires you to express yourself with truthfulness and honesty.

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