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Uranus Transits

Uranus is a planet that disrupts and changes the status quo. It's energy is to free us from our routine and to try new things. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Uranus transit when Opposition Mars
Uranus Opposition Mars
Actions taken may produce uncertain results. The urge for freedom can reach a peak during this cycle especially in those areas where you experience tight control. You tend to rebel against any limitations to your independence as your individuality likely is very strong now. Although this cycle may bring you into contact with people, you often have trouble working agreeably with others since you usually like to have your way. You also can have a compelling need to be right. Anyone who interferes in the achievement of your desires may find a formidable if unpredictable opponent; compromise is unlikely. It is possible that you encounter someone who is extremely willful and attempts to combat you in such a way that you are forced to react.

Generally, you don?t back down during this period, and you can demonstrate lightning fast reflexes to any provocation, which can surprise those around you, and even yourself. Problems can occur since you may not distinguish clearly between what is worth fighting for and what is best left alone. While it is difficult to curb the volatile energy that you may exhibit or experience from others, it benefits you to choose your battles and your competitors carefully if possible and even to walk away, especially if it is an unanticipated move by you.

Surprise often is a feature of this period and you can use that to your advantage by doing the unexpected when it is appropriate. This can come from knowing what moment to seize and what to let pass. The discipline required to remain still until the time is right is difficult to attain since your instinct typically is to keep moving. However, if you really know what you want and are willing to try anything to get it, it is easier to recognize when to advance, when to retreat, and when to stay motionless.

Physical exercise provides a useful means to channel any anger or frustration that can manifest from unexpected setbacks. Even if all is running smoothly, you can benefit from employing ways to dissipate the strong nervous energy that you likely possess now. In all affected areas of your life during this period, you must take care not to exceed certain limits, physical or otherwise, since you can easily overdo it. Knowing when to stop is a key lesson of this cycle. You have the ability to lead now, though you may go it alone, and strong ideals can compel you to take charge. This is often a period of challenge, although any events that occur are generally not constant and typically unexpected. Success can come through risk, but you must consider the consequences before taking a step. Plan carefully, act skillfully without expectations so that you are ready to adjust, and you can move ahead rapidly.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Uranus Opposition Mars from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Uranus Opposition Mars

This will be an extremely unpredictable and volatile year, and the intense restlessness you feel needs to be handled carefully. You have a great need to break free of situations that have limited your actions and even though they’ve been tolerable in the past, you won’t be willing to put up with them now. Your reactions are immediate and often angry, and you may be compelled to engage in unproductive ego battles with other people. They’ll constantly test your patience, which you’re sorely lacking now. You’re extremely impatient with delays and restrictions, and may be prone to frequent temper tantrums when thing don’t go your way. Business partnerships will be affected during this time and you may feel the need to break away, or your partner may be the one to initiate change. You should be more careful when entering negotiations or contracts, as you’re likely to experience intense conflicts with others if you feel that they’re trying in any way to limit your autonomy. You’re fiercely independent and need to watch the tendency to disregard your commitments and responsibilities to other people. This energy can make you much more accident-prone and you should use special care when operating any kind of machinery or motor vehicle, or when handling weapons or explosives. Ironically, even though there’s often a danger in releasing this pent-up energy because of its erratic quality, it may be more destructive if you try to ignore or repress it. It will have to come out somehow, often when you least expect it as a fit of rage or a sudden illness. Repressing this energy can adversely affect your health, especially in the form of frequent headaches or trouble sleeping. Know that you can make changes in your life that allow you more freedom of movement now, but you must work patiently and be flexible when unexpected obstacles arise.

This Interpretation of Uranus Opposition Mars is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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