Saturn Transits

Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. The text below is the interpretation of Saturn transit when Opposition Mercury
Saturn Opposition Mercury
Narrow thinking can cause problems now. Even though from your perspective you may know what is right, you often don?t appreciate the full range of possibilities that exist. Typically, you dwell on certain details from which you may infer a total scenario, although it usually is only a partial picture. While you may present a limited viewpoint, you can encounter others who interfere with your ideas and may object to plans that you offer. Those in authority in particular may prove an impediment to the expression of your thoughts, and you may experience criticism that prevents you, for the time being, from freely moving toward your goal.

Although this likely is a period of contraction where certain aspects of your life slowdown and even come to a stop, it can bring great clarity to important matters of your life because you can see them come into focus. Whether you want to look is another matter, and you sometimes don?t have to deal with the issues that may arise now. However, they likely will return in a similar form approximately 7 and 14 years from now. What can lie at the root of any problem that surfaces during this interval is fearful thinking. Therefore, success can come from moving past apprehensions that prevent you from making decisions perhaps because you don?t want to make a wrong choice.

Taking responsibility for your judgments and those of others can further your capacity to accept things for how they are despite the fact you may desire otherwise. However, finding fault can alienate people and leave you isolated in your opinions. Recognizing the relative merit of all viewpoints can lessen any strain that arises though it is not necessary for you to agree only to appreciate. Your analytical ability increases at this time, and you can solve difficult problems with concentrated effort, but you can become frustrated over certain tasks that take more time than anticipated. Patience is one lesson of this cycle since you likely will find it tested by people and circumstance.

Communication can cause concern, especially if you or someone else dwells on what is wrong rather than equal acknowledgement of what is working. The tendency to anticipate the worst is sometimes apparent now and can become an obstacle to having fun and being flexible. It is true that greater responsibilities may come to you from a contract that you make or appear obligated to make, and you must take care in how you give your word and whose word you trust. Yet, a key to getting the most out of this cycle is to recognize meaningful choices and approaches, which can bring you satisfaction for making the right selection and taking the appropriate step.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Saturn Opposition Mercury from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Saturn Opposition Mercury

This year will be very challenging for you, but you’ll gain more perspective on how far you’ve come in developing your mental capabilities. You’ll encounter obstacles and delays to your mental projects that will be particularly frustrating now, even if things have been going smoothly in the past. You may feel the need to work hard to reap the benefits of projects that you initiated in the past, or find that you’ve outgrown them and need to move on. Other people will seem overly critical or demanding and you’re likely to experience great inner doubt about your capabilities, especially in the beginning of this cycle. Problems that occur now may force you to re-evaluate your business plans and ideas to find the flaws, or you may feel the need to go back to school or otherwise improve your understanding. This period of time will help you define what information is necessary in order to function more efficiently in your career, and you may need to let go of old thinking patterns or ideas that are no longer viable. This process of definition is very productive, but usually not fun. You’ll feel much more critical when analyzing the details of your situation and may fall into occasional bouts of depression or worry, with more responsibilities and not enough time in your schedule. You’ll tend to have more difficulty expressing yourself as you search for just the right word, or withdraw into your own thoughts, feeling that it’s not worth putting out the effort. It’s important that you understand the value of this process but not take the severity of your thinking too personally. What you learn during this time will be of great value to you in the future, as you gain more confidence in your mental capabilities through facing your challenges.

This Interpretation of Saturn Opposition Mercury is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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