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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Trine Neptune
Pluto Trine Neptune
Often barely perceptible, this cycle can seek to deepen your awareness of subtlety. Unless you are willing to investigate beyond the obvious, you may experience very little during this interval. It can bring you in touch with what is common to all of us so that you may realize a profound sense of unity. You have the capacity to accept people and conditions that before may have seemed too much to handle. Although you may attract extreme situations, they serve to show you the interrelationships that exist even in the most opposing influences.

In probing behind appearances, you can uncover a wealth of possibilities that you may never have considered. You may display a greater openness to face difficult problems as well as to let yourself go without any inhibition. This period offers you the chance to expose any flaws and to reshape what is distorted so that it is more pleasing. Often this occurs through a small but profound shift in your perception whereby you see things for how they are so that what was opaque can become clear. Self-deceptions can lose their hold when you turn your attention to those areas of your life that tend to cause sabotage.

To benefit the most from this cycle requires honesty and a desire to confront weaknesses. You are able to detect the shortcomings of yourself and others which can prove very helpful. While you can use it to take advantage of situations, you also can apply it to fortify whatever is vulnerable. By strengthening what before was debilitating, you can create certainty where there was doubt. The power that you can draw now is more from being inclusive rather than being narrowly focused. It is not so much from pursuing a specific goal but being driven by a dream that is open-ended. It comes from being unafraid to acknowledge the reality no matter what it says.

The impetus to demonstrate compassion can surface now where you are more inclined to assist those who are in dire need. It is possible that you honor what few people will as circumstances can bring acute conditions for you to accommodate. At the same time, you can draw the finest that is around you which can compel you to settle for nothing but the best in what you give yourself and others. You may deeply enjoy artistic expression and the refined pleasures available to you. You tend to find meaning in ambiguity and to recognize the power of symbols to convey more than they represent. While it is easy to glide through this period oblivious to all that it offers, you can tap into forces that dissolve all barriers leaving only the truth to behold.

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