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Pluto Transits

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Pluto transit when Conjunct Moon
Pluto Conjunct Moon
Strong feelings often characterize this period. You may find it difficult to remain neutral, especially on matters that involve you personally. Typically you demonstrate greater emotional depth, which can allow getting in touch with the core of certain behaviors. If you give them attention, you have the potential to change significantly their effects, particularly those that are problematic. This is an excellent time to face certain fears that may have operated below the surface, particularly those that involve security since they tend to become more conscious or more recognizable.

This time can be cathartic. Steps that you take now to ensure your well-being can have long-term and positive benefits. While it is possible to eliminate unwanted behaviors during this cycle, new ones, that begin now, can take hold easily and may prove difficult to uproot. Family issues can emerge when some of the most unresolved patterns may flare up and demand your consideration. If your relationships with family members are good, this can strengthen the bonds. If not, you may have to face what you have neglected over the years. This can serve to bring you closer together with a better understanding of the hidden forces that drive you and those closest to you. Sometimes it can cause a break if the support system is sufficiently weak.

How well you take care of yourself and care for others may become apparent during this cycle. Whomever you like, you are capable of giving to them whatever they require. At the same time, you can cut off your assistance, or not give it at all, to those who don?t meet your favor, including to yourself. This cycle tends to intensify your strengths and your vulnerabilities, as finding an emotional balance is often a challenge. Yet you can use this time to see clearly where your greatest needs are and then seek to address them.

Your home and personal life may be at the center of change during this time. If you have considered a move, making one now likely will have a far-reaching impact, as you may leave a part of your past behind, perhaps irrevocably. If you are content where you are, you may feel better by cleaning out all that is unnecessary, while leaving only what is essential. Similarly, in your personal habits, you do well to dispense with undesirable ones, since you have that ability to end longstanding practices now. There is an extreme quality to this period that can compel you to react in ways that you cannot take back. It means you can start over now in certain areas while bringing a chapter of your life to a close.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Pluto Conjunct Moon from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Pluto Conjunct Moon

This period of time will bring enormous change that affects your emotional life, including your home, family and personal relationships. You were molded and shaped by your past and upbringing, and now have an opportunity to remake yourself into the person you’d like to be. You’re going through a process of death and rebirth on an inner emotional level that will increase your sense of self-understanding, but these changes tend to be difficult, as you first have to strip away the old concepts you’ve held about yourself. You may be compelled to explore your past through changes that occur in your family life such as difficult challenges with your parents, especially your mother; or be forced to leave your past behind in order to forge a new direction in life. You may be the initiating force behind these changes, but they’ll often be out of your control. If you’ve been too attached to relationships or situations that you depend on for your emotional support and sense of identity they may end now, or at least be changed considerably. Your emotional feelings are very intense and you may be prone to act out your feelings in compulsive, manipulative or even self-destructive ways. This is an excellent time to enter any kind of therapy or counseling as a way to become more conscious of the external factors that shaped your emotional response to life. Letting go of the past is never easy, especially during this time, but know that this process of ending is preparing you for a new level of self-discovery.

This Interpretation of Pluto Conjunct Moon is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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