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Mercury Transits

Mercury transits to planets in the natal chart are brief influences, lasting approximately a day. Mercury takes about 88 days to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses. The text below is the interpretation of Mercury transit when Sextile Pluto
Mercury Sextile Pluto
Words and thoughts have a positive effect, although they can force you to look in places you ordinarily avoid. Facing situations at this time can assist in overcoming them, and you show strength in your ability to deal with whatever information you receive. Compelling ideas can cause a favorable change in your perspective. Communicate your deepest needs-if only to yourself; what you say has power.
Some more Interpretations of Transit Mercury Sextile Pluto from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Mercury Sextile Pluto

Your communication is fueled by passion today, and you won’t take no for an answer. You’re extremely persuasive when dealing with other people and will look for common ground to effectively sway them to your side. You’re highly intuitive and can see into their motives, and need to watch using this ability to take unnecessary advantage. You’re thorough in your thinking and may enjoy research or investigation, or using your communication to elicit hidden information through interrogation or counseling. Be more aware of the power of your words and the impact you have on other people.

This Interpretation of Mercury Sextile Pluto is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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