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Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

The physical biorhythm cycle: (duration: 23 days) << back

The shortest biorhythm is the physical rhythm (red line), which lasts 23 days. It influences physical stamina, health and the general physical condition. The essential energies are up for the first 11.5 days, so medical treatment should be undertaken during this time. In the second phase the body needs rest; it cannot do as much, so people should take better care of their health. The days on which the middle line is crossed can be problematic (also called the crossover days). On these days the body will be out of balance and susceptible to sickness, additionally physical weaknesses could cause a lapse of concentration or even accidents. Use one of the online Free Biorhythm Calculators to keep track of your cycles.

Your physical Curve during its positive phase

You feel great physically, and feel even better as you approach the top of your body curve. If you have already passed the climax, you will notice that your physical stamina will be gradually falling. You will feel physically fit throughout the duration of this phase, which is why you can take care of problems easily and are resistant to disease. It is a good idea to go through with medical treatment during this time because your immune system will be stronger and will prevent complications from developing. In spite of all of this, it would not be a good idea to let your great physical condition lead you to take on too much and to overestimate how much you can handle. Make sure you get enough exercise so that you have a chance to feel your strength, which is especially important if you usually work at a desk.

During the positive phase, athletes tend to achieve their best scores or records during the high phase of their P Curve. Thoughtful surgeons operate when the patient's P is at the high phase because past data show that post surgery conditions are much better.

Your Physical Curve during its Critical Phase of Transition

Now it is important to be careful, because during these days there is an increased danger of being physically vulnerable. You are also especially conducive to getting sick because your body is ready to tank up on strength during the negative phase or is getting set for the increased abilities it will have during the positive phase. This will bring about a physical imbalance that you will have to take into consideration.

Your Physical Curve During its Negative Phase

Your body will need rest during this time to regenerate itself. It is in a period of recovery, so it will be better to take care of yourself and help your body regain strength. Maybe you could arrange some time in a sauna or take a relaxing walk: these would be just the right kinds of activities. If you are into sport, you may experience a temporary slump. So, it is best to "charge your batteries" during this period. Force yourself to relax. People who engage in manual labor, drivers, athletes, very young and old and sick people are more sensitive to the negative phase.

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Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

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