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We all have ups and downs - good day and bad days. Now you can clearly see them ahead of time without reading a word. Our exclusive Interactive Free Biorhythm Charts let you turn the weeklyMap on and off, making this the best Biorhythm Calculator you will find anywhere. View your chart daily, or get a good idea of the week ahead with the Free Biorhythm Charts in less than 5 seconds.
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Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

The effect of Daily Biorhythms :

Considering a life in general, we cannot omit the fact that all the processes in the world in some way may be described with periods. Example of this fact you may easily find everywhere: winter - summer seasons, Lunar cycles, day-night changing and at last the motion of the electron in the atom. It is repeatable process that never stops. People also have their personal cycles such as physical, emotional and intellectual. According to the science of Biorhythm Charts, each of these rhythms goes through three different phases: high, critical and low.

The realization that both blue and exultant moods often lie within us and are merely a passing phase of life, unjustified by external relationships, may remove the sting of our deepest depression and the arrogance of our most insolent elation. -- Dr. Rexford B. Hersey. "Worker's Emotions in Shop and Home"

We now know that the pineal gland, in addition to being an independent pacesetter and timekeeper, is a photosensitive organ, interpreting sensory messages from the retina. It translates environmental messages of the light-dark cycle of day and night and seasonal changes into hormonal messages sent throughout the body. This results in an internal daily biorhythm called the circadian rhythm. The length of time it takes to complete a single cycle of the circadian rhythm is referred to as the period of the rhythm and is usually a full day. Secretion of melatonin by the pineal reaches a peak during the night. This is one way that the pineal communicates with other organs and acts as the body's daily timekeeper.

Biorhythms seem to have a lot of validity. They help to explain in part everything from having a bad week to exciting scientific things like the varied effects medications have when administered at different times. -- Dr. Bertram Brown. Director of the National Institutes of Mental Health

We are now learning that they include your intuitive or psychic cycle. This 38 day rhythm cycle coincides with Plato's "four aspects" and with Dr. Carl Jung's "four functions". Jung, the world famous psychologist and teacher, described the four functions as sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition. These four functions directly relate to your regular four Daily Biorhythm Cycles of physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitional and they all work together to regulate your physical and mental abilities and well being.

There appears to be a definite relation between the accident proneness of an individual on a particular date and his physiological cycles as determined by biorhythm theory. -- Dr. Robert Woodham, Guggenheim Aviation Safety Center

The 4th cycle controls subconscious perception, hunches, instinct and your 'sixth sense'. If you're interested in any field that relies upon your subconscious abilities, whether they be telepathy, healing at a distance, radionics, dowsing, strengthening psychic ability, healing yourself or simply 'mind control'

In the area of application of biorhythm to accidents, 60 to 80 per cent of accidents occur in 20 per cent of the days of our lives. -- Bernard Gittelson. "Biorhythm Sports Forecasting"

Biorhythms are easy to understand, but very hard to generalize. Everyone has gone from having a great day, to having a bad day, yet this is not a collective experience it is a personal experience. If you track your mood swings, physical and intellectual highs and lows, and compare them to your Biorhythm Charts, you will begin to understand more about what makes you tick. We have made this easy for you with our Interactive Daily Biorhythm Calculator.

Simply by being aware of them. How we see ourselves is very important. The effect of our various biorhythmic combinations depends greatly upon the level of stress in our environment and our degree of tolerance to the stress. When our biorhythms are high, we are better able to deal with the stress. How we feel about life and how we react to it is a combination of our biorhythms, environmental factors, and our inherent energies. Great achievements can be associated with stress, and even dangerous life and death encounters can be positive experiences if we have the internal resilience and courage. It can be stressful to decide which to have in a restaurant, Soup or Salad, because of internal stress. External events are not necessarily harmful or stressful. It depends on what we have going on inside.

For example, high emotional level tends to mean that a person is more stable, is better able to make relationship decisions, and so on. This is not to say that when the cycle is in the negative range that the person is not doing well in that arena, rather, it means that it is harder to do well. Plan exams when your Intellectual cycle is high. Try your best in sport when your Physical cycle is high.

What you have in knowing the patterns of your biorhythms is an extra edge, just as in your daily Horoscope, you can prepare yourself accordingly. When we realize that we are in a constant state of change, there is a sense of relaxation and a release from anxiety. We cease to hold onto these momentary feelings, ideas, and physical states, knowing that they will pass. Who you are and the life you lead will always be the determining factors. As a meditation, this system helps us become more sensitive to our inner flows. Be open and creative!

There has been a lot of research done on the effects go Daily Biorhythms. For example, in a biorhythm analysis done in 1954 concerning accidents involving workers with agricultural machinery, it was found that agricultural accidents are 171 times more likely to happen on a workers critical day.

In 1971, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police completed a study which showed that 82% of all self-caused traffic accidents involved drivers who were experiencing a critical day.

When the Hiragishi Taxi Co. of Sapporo, Japan, who did biorhythm graphs for all their workers, informed their drivers when they were having critical days - the accident rate dropped by half. It was not even necessary for the drivers to stay at home on these days. Simply being aware of the potential danger, enabled them to avoid accidents. As you see, Japan has been a leading researcher in the science of biorhythms, and has been using this data very successfully in many spheres.

The theory of the Biorhythms states: when certain points on the cycles are reached a person may enjoy special strength or suffer special weakness. "Switch point days", when cycles cross the zero line on the ascent or descent, are "critical" days. Performance on critical days is supposedly very poor. It has even been predicted that people are especially accident prone on critical days. Studies have show then there is a 35-70% greater risk of an accident during those few critical days that a person experiences every month. It can pay to be more cautious on these days.

Anyway, according to the theory of the Biorhythms, critical days are days you want to know about in advance so you can prepare for them. For example, if you are scheduled to take a test that will measure your thinking ability, make sure you do not take the test on a day when your intellectual cycle is at a critical or a low point. Of course, to do well one must also get a good night's sleep, be generally healthy, eat properly, and study, but those preparations will do you no good if your intellectual cycle is not in the right spot. On the other hand, if you are a short distance runner, try to pick your next race date so that you are at a peak on your physical cycle. Of course, you must train properly, eat well, get sufficient rest, be healthy, etc., but these will not suffice if your physical cycle is at the wrong point.

Combining your daily horoscope forecast with the Biorhythm Calculator can give you the insight needed to find the best ways to handle the most important affaires in your life as well as the mundane.

Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

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