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Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

The emotional biorhythm cycle: (duration: 28 days) << back

The second rhythm is the emotional rhythm or rhythm of the soul (Green line) which lasts exactly 4 weeks and, as its name implies effects our spiritual well being. It influences sensitivity, creativity, and mood and not in the least the desire to be close and exchange tenderness. In the first 14 days the basic mood will be positive, it will be easy to approach others, to spread harmony or to be creative. Once the curve crosses the middle line, the person will be unstable, feel out of balance and on edge. This can cause a person to do things without thinking, which is not easy for others to understand. In the second phase the disposition will be subdued with more depression and frustration, which can strain personal relationships. You can find a number of Biorhythm Charts offered on line. Some are better than others so look around and find one that you like to monitor your cycles.

Your Emotional Curve During its Positive Phase

You are very sensitive and emotionally open to your environment. Your senses are finely tuned and your basic mood should be positive. That will naturally have an impact on your relationship as well as the way you treat people in general. Maybe you need a lot of tenderness and feel a drive to be creative, but do not want to work alone. You might also find increased sensitivity towards things beautiful. You will be in a frame of mind to readily appreciate good humor. It will be the ideal period to devote yourself to something creative or artistic.

Your Emotional Curve During its Critical Phase of Transition

During this period you will be emotionally unstable and may suffer from mood swings. Maybe you react impulsively, so much so that it results in uncontrolled emotional outbursts. Especially while the curve is leaving the positive phase, you could be quick to feel rejected and see the future pessimistically. If you are leaving the negative phase you may be wound up and place high expectations on others.

Your Emotional Curve During its Negative Phase

Your mood will be darker and you may feel emotionally drained. Naturally, your personality will determine whether you are in danger of becoming depressed or if you merely develop more inhibitions toward people and your surroundings than during the positive phase. Personal relationship may be damaged by behavior unbecoming of you. As such, be especially mindful of your relationship with others. If you are temperamental, you must be careful not to let your feeling run away. You may try to consciously steer in the other direction and get yourself together, maybe by meditation, confronting your spiritual sensitivity in a constructive manner.

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Physical Cycle | Emotional Cycle | Intellectual Cycle | Intuitional Cycle

Daily Biorhythms and Biorhythm Charts
The Biorhythm ChartsThe effect of Daily Biorhythms

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