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What are cycles and when do they affect you?

Cycles are the rhythmic ebb and flow of energy that recur over regular and predictable intervals of time. In astrology, the planets and their angular relationships – or what are referred to as “aspects” – symbolize the major cycles that define our lives. We compute these cycles for you as well as describe what they mean. From an astrological viewpoint, all of us go through virtually the same cycles but not usually at the same time.

Each day expert astrologers present you a different cycle: one that you may be going through now, or have already experienced or have yet to experience. Reading these everyday will reveal to you the many phases of life.
The cycle we are highlighting today is - Transit Neptune Conjunct Mars

Direct action often is ineffective now, and you can achieve more by going after things obliquely. If you are naturally aggressive in your approach to getting what you want, you likely encounter unanticipated distractions in reaching your objective. No matter in how much of a straight line you may wish to proceed, it is probable that detours and deviations deflect your progress. It is not that you cannot attain your destination, but you must let go of a rigid timetable in order to prevent dissatisfaction at the apparent haphazard manner in which events tend to unfold.

Assertiveness often is muted during this period, and when you do act forcefully, you may not get the results that you seek. The more you are attached to a specific target, the harder it may be to realize it. Focusing on a broad set of parameters, however, can help to ensure success within a range, which is more easily accomplished. Allowing for some flexibility in whatever you do is useful now, since it is quite possible that you may change course in midstream, or at least need to make adjustments. This way you provide yourself the leeway to adapt. At the same time, you avoid disappointing yourself and others if what you project as a certainty is unrealized.

Occasionally, you may experience lower vitality during this cycle. If you are intent on pushing yourself, you may find that you are less effective now than usual. This is generally not a time for getting somewhere in a hurry, as the line of least resistance is to wander so that is easy to get off track, or so it seems, no matter what you pursue, no matter how clear the goal. If you can accept that, then you can enjoy the blurring of the edges that often occurs now. Detours can become interesting diversions. Rather than becoming impatient at the loss of control you may have over specific outcomes, you can take pleasure in a pace where sometimes you may have to retrace your steps.

Fighting the current is probably futile and tends to dissipate your energy. You have the ability to get into the flow of this cycle and to move steadily though indirectly. In going with it rather than resisting, you can achieve a relaxed but alert state that is quick to react whenever necessary. You likely achieve more in this mode than driving yourself frantically to be first. This is not always an easy period because the combined influences are so dissimilar. This is an excellent time to practice letting go of precise and expected results, however, so that you may make room for other possibilities that can motivate or inspire you to action.

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