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What are cycles and when do they affect you?

Cycles are the rhythmic ebb and flow of energy that recur over regular and predictable intervals of time. In astrology, the planets and their angular relationships – or what are referred to as “aspects” – symbolize the major cycles that define our lives. We compute these cycles for you as well as describe what they mean. From an astrological viewpoint, all of us go through virtually the same cycles but not usually at the same time.

Each day expert astrologers present you a different cycle: one that you may be going through now, or have already experienced or have yet to experience. Reading these everyday will reveal to you the many phases of life.
The cycle we are highlighting today is - Transit Jupiter Opposition Uranus

Although uncertainty often increases now, the possibility of a change for the better can arise out of the fluctuating environment that may surround you. It is possible that people or circumstances encourage or demand that you be yourself and to be more independent. Being an individual not only is easier now but may be a necessity. If you have wanted to break away from limiting conditions, this may be the time since you tend to find freedom appealing now. At the very least, restlessness can motivate you to try new things and to experiment at pushing past certain boundaries.

In pursuing different directions, you may encounter surprising results that may be difficult to accommodate, especially if you have expectations for a particular outcome. Unpredictable events can cause significant strain unless you are willing to adapt to the vagaries of the time. Probabilities generally are unreliable and certainties rarely exist during this cycle. If you depend on having a good idea of what is going to transpire at any one moment, you may find the uncertainty unsettling. Despite the inconsistencies that you tend to encounter, there are likely many opportunities for growth and positive effects, but the volatile nature of situations can make it difficult to maintain a firm grasp for very long.

The enjoyment that this interval offers comes more from the range of experiences that you can have rather than from pursuing a steady course. You may learn a great deal about a number of things, particularly those that are unusual, technological, or on the cutting edge. The potential exists for a clear insight into change as a constant feature of life. You may realize the futility of trying to rely on anyone or on anything forever, at least in their present forms. This is not to promote distrust. In fact, it is in trusting that you can adapt to whatever comes your way that allows you to develop yourself and your relationships over the long term.

This period can cause a sudden turn along the path you travel that can awaken you to whatever you may have overlooked; you tend to see yourself and the world from a different perspective. Uncommon points of view can bring sudden clarity to what may need modifying in order to encourage what is unique and individual. This generally is an exciting time that provides events that likely stretch your awareness and move you off dead center to the limits of what you know. What you discover may surprise you and free you from repetitive patterns that are dull and boring.

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