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What are cycles and when do they affect you?

Cycles are the rhythmic ebb and flow of energy that recur over regular and predictable intervals of time. In astrology, the planets and their angular relationships – or what are referred to as “aspects” – symbolize the major cycles that define our lives. We compute these cycles for you as well as describe what they mean. From an astrological viewpoint, all of us go through virtually the same cycles but not usually at the same time.

Each day expert astrologers present you a different cycle: one that you may be going through now, or have already experienced or have yet to experience. Reading these everyday will reveal to you the many phases of life.
The cycle we are highlighting today is - Transit Neptune Square Mercury

Misleading communications may occur during this period, especially if you are lax on attending to details. Situations may arise that lead to misunderstandings, as what you hear and what was said occasionally are in dispute. It is important to be clear in all that you say and write, and to consider carefully what you receive. Sometimes it is impossible not to have blind spots, and the role of a trusted advisor can make a significant difference. The extent that you intend something different than what you convey can cause you disappointment, as you may believe that people don?t appreciate your opinions or ideas. One challenge now is consistency in your words and the purpose behind them. It can seem that the slightest disparity can create consequential results.

You tend to daydream more, or at least get lost in your own thoughts on occasion. It is often is difficult to say ?no? or ?yes? because you often lack a firm opinion on certain matters. Confusion typically is more apparent now, especially if you have important decisions to make. It is not that your mind is inoperable, although it can go blank from time-to-time. It is just more open than usual and often recognizes ambiguity where before there was none. Emptying it of all thoughts can help to resolve those seemingly insoluble problems. The more you continually reflect on an issue the more uncertain you likely become.

If you function in a controlled environment where answers either are right or wrong, you likely struggle during this period. Precise distinctions can cause you problems. However, letting go of the need to have answers often bring them to you. You do better in situations that are flexible and allow a range of interpretations rather than a fixed remedy. If the demands of your daily life don?t permit it, then find ways to disengage outside the necessary commitments you must fulfill. Making new commitments now generally is counterproductive since you likely find them hard to keep. Schedules and order often are trouble for you to maintain, at least for the moment.

Playful activities can provide a nice change of pace for your life, and you typically prefer less structure now than usual. You must take care not to disconnect completely since you can lose touch easily. Pick your spots to relax. It is possible that computer glitches can surface that have no easy solution, and exact causes for problems, in general, often elude detection. One purpose of this cycle is to learn to release the need for definitive knowledge and to recognize that ambiguity exists everywhere. At the same time, it is imperative to communicate truthfully so that ambiguity does not become a reason for others and for you to doubt.

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