Jupiter Transits

Every 3 years or so, Jupiter will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. The text below is the interpretation of Jupiter transit when Trine Neptune
Jupiter Trine Neptune
An atmosphere of support and sympathy can surround you now even if you are not in acute need of being assisted. You may attract situations that offer you more than you can imagine. Sometimes it means material comfort and well-being, but usually it is an inner contentment that you can attain easily now through the people you meet, the conditions you encounter, and the beliefs that you hold. You tend to see the world fully now, and the sharp differences that may affect your perception tend to get blurred. It is not that your vision lacks clarity, but you tend to see similarities where before there were distinctions.

This is one period that thrives on more rather than less, and the more inclusive you are in all that you do and embrace, the more fulfilled you likely become. Although this is an ideal time to buy expensive and luxurious items and to receive lavish gifts that indulge you, the effects of this cycle often operate on an inner level instead of an outer one. It is a time where you can gain a much broader understanding of who you are and the subtle nuances that underlie the obvious. You may grasp more than you can articulate, and words rarely do justice to the comprehension that you can achieve. Expressing your visions artistically or employing your inner senses to make meaningful what is often not logical can free you from the constraints of an excessively controlled environment.

Allowing yourself to let go without fear is available to you now, and deep relaxation can ease your concerns. Whatever you tend to hide or hide from can become more visible and less fragmented as unity is an operative word for this period. Events typically bring greater harmony into your life and may activate your ability to clarify what is confusing and to bridge differences that keep you separated. Typically there exists an atmosphere for forgiveness and reconciliation as judgments can be suspended for a time. It is to your advantage to practice generosity now since all that you give you likely get back many times over. Conditions may draw out your capacity to provide for others, and your benevolence should be well appreciated.

Such an exceptional cycle as this often passes by without notice even though it can offer so much. The qualities of compassion and empathy are fully available to you at this time whether they are granted to you or emanate from you. You tend to understand your world through what you feel, and what you feel often is full of ambiguity and subtle distinctions rather than clear and pointed contrasts. Being able to embrace such breadth can bring together the disparate elements of your life and make you whole.

Some more Interpretations of Transit Jupiter Trine Neptune from our astrology reports and readings:
Transit Jupiter Trine Neptune

Your compassion and sense of idealism are greatly enhanced during this time, and you may become involved with projects that serve to help others less fortunate. You may be drawn to teaching other people about the true meaning and purpose of life, or you may be the one in need of a spiritual rebirth and may meet someone who helps restore your faith. You’re concerned with ideals that are higher than your own self-centered goals and may begin looking for the “truth” in belief systems that are more spiritual or metaphysical than traditional religion. You’re more capable of discerning the real truth from the illusion in your business dealings, but need to watch trusting a glamorized version of a project without testing the merits or questioning other people’s motives. You’re a great salesperson during this time and may be tempted to mislead others with the best of intentions, but should avoid it as much as possible. As positive examples of inspiring others through fantasy or deception, you may start acting on stage, create a work of art that’s symbolic in nature or launch a new advertising campaign. Your heart’s in the right place and you can achieve a greater level of faith in life during this time – just remember to keep one foot firmly planted on solid earth.

This Interpretation of Jupiter Trine Neptune is from the Career Report astrology report by Kim Castella
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