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What are cycles and when do they affect you?

Cycles are the rhythmic ebb and flow of energy that recur over regular and predictable intervals of time. In astrology, the planets and their angular relationships – or what are referred to as “aspects” – symbolize the major cycles that define our lives. We compute these cycles for you as well as describe what they mean. From an astrological viewpoint, all of us go through virtually the same cycles but not usually at the same time.

Each day expert astrologers present you a different cycle: one that you may be going through now, or have already experienced or have yet to experience. Reading these everyday will reveal to you the many phases of life.
The cycle we are highlighting today is - Transit Uranus Opposition Venus

Unexpected events may greet you during this cycle, especially in your encounters with people. Relationships may move in a totally new direction, and some may end abruptly. Much depends on how confining they seem, not only to you but also to your partner(s). Restlessness can reach a peak now and freedom, or the lack of it, sometimes is an issue. This period possibly can significantly change the way you relate. It may manifest through someone who is very different from anyone you have met or known before and who can challenge and awaken different aspects of yourself. Sometimes you recognize with great clarity on your own the inadequacies as well as the strengths of previous partnerships so that you better attract who and what you want in the future.

Unpredictability can affect certain areas of your life. If you hold onto things too tightly, you may find this time unsettling as unforeseen events occasionally can disturb the balance that you try to maintain. Although fear of change is often a typical response for many people, this interval can help you to see the benefit of adjusting when something is not working to your advantage. One lesson here is to continue to try different approaches when you hit a dead-end. Innovation and originality serve you well now, and can resolve difficulties that stymie you. It is important not to have high expectations but to allow yourself the pleasure of being surprised when the pieces fall into place, usually without warning.

If you are driven to fill your life up with superficial pleasures and objects of fleeting value, then you may move from partner to partner and from purchase to purchase without being satisfied. Knowing what doesn?t fulfill you can help guide you to what does. Your efforts to achieve lasting happiness without being attached to its outcome can bring its unexpected attainment. Through this type of practice you may recognize the joy that comes from being inventive and experimental where the process is more satisfying than the end result.

What can make this period stressful is the inconsistency that it tends to display, especially regarding others. Although all that value may appear changeable. Continuous stability is unlikely now and yet appreciation of the unknown often makes you more capable of adapting to the discontinuity that life inevitably brings. Resisting the uncertainty that may emerge can cause greater uncertainty and fear. Being more in the moment, you may recognize that while randomness can dramatically shift the course of events, it can also redirect in a way that creates more possibilities than before.

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