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In order to use our affiliate content and links, you first need to register and obtain a unique affiliate ID.

If you are unsure of how to link or the HTML code to use please click here.

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theFutureMinders Text Links:
As mentioned before, if you know our products or services, a personal recommendation will pull in approximately four times as many visits than just a link alone.

These phrases tend to pull quite well :
Discover the hidden side of relationships! Text Link, Couples Corner - Timing for two
Click here for your FREE astrology report! Text Link, FREE Astrology Reports
You decide if True Horoscopes are more accurate! Text Link, FREE Daily Horoscope
Click Here, for Love Horoscopes and Compatibility Reports! Text Link, FREE Compatibility & Romance Reports

Note: The HTML code for these links would be
<a href="" target="_blank">Text you choose to use goes here</a>

(Where XXX is your own affiliate ID)
If you have a newsletter or a customer email/database list, this can also be a very powerful way to promote theFutureMinders.
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Warning : Promoting theFutureMinders via unsolicited email is strictly prohibited.

If you are thinking of promoting us by sending out unsolicited email please note: we will find out and you be taken off our affiliate program.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding these graphics or linking to us please contact us at

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